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It is officially Autumn, which only means one thing…

It’s time to pack up your summer clothes and awkward transitional pieces and bring out the boots and trench coats. 

The days are getting shorter, and as you step out of your 4 pm lecture, it is not only freezing but pitch black. The pavements are drowning in a cascade of orange and red leaves, and the sun is out, but you cannot avoid the cold breeze. It is Autumn, and the only thing missing is a cute outfit that you can strut the streets of St Andrews in. 

my top picks for this season’s Autumn essentials: 

With the rise of influencers like Matilda Djerf and Sofia Richie, the 2020 popularised trends of bulky jewellery and stupendous patterns have fallen, and people have started to lean towards more classic and timeless pieces such as trench coats. 

A trench coat is an obvious choice for the colder season. It is a wardrobe staple that no one should go without. It is a permanent investment that you can pair with jeans or black-tie event dresses. It instantly elevates and transforms the most boring outfits into an array of chicness. 

The best example of an elegant trench coat is found in the 1961 film ‘‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s,’’Where Audrey Hepburn dashes through the rainy streets of New York City and does it all looking ravishing, I must say. 

In 2014, the world adored ballet flats and similarly, in the 50s, Hepburn rocked her signature look: black turtleneck, cigarette trousers, all tied together with a ballet flat. Matilda Djerf popularised the ballet flat in 2022, but it wasn’t until this year that you could see everyone in a ballet flat and baggy jeans. However, do not be fooled by the innocent nature of these adorable shoes. They are an absolute killer to wear. 

Despite this, In your lectures, you will be able to observe a gush of ballet flats. Some with a bit of a block heel, some completely flat, some with little bows on them and in various colours: black, white, but most prominently red. The best brands for a cute and comfortable ballet flat are Charles and Kieth, and Repetto. 

Speaking of red, it is not only an excellent Taylor Swift album, but also the colour of this year’s Autumnal aesthetic. Whether you paint your nails red and test out the red nail theory, where you paint your nails red to appear more attractive and mysterious to others, or wear red chunky knit sweaters that dazzle your for  you page on TikTok. You will not be able to avoid it this season. 

Patterned tights are a fashion controversy. There are two sides to this debate: you can either get crazy bright and colourful ones, or you can find sensual black lace ones. That is why some love them, and some hate them. I love them. To achieve that Blair Waldorf look this autumn, you should incorporate a pair of patterned tights into your wardrobe. They instantly make an outfit more interesting with the never-ending variety of patterns you can find, such as polka dots, love hearts, glitter, bows and many more. A patterned tight with a mini skirt and killer boot is the way to go this autumnal season. 

In the consumer society that we live in, trends tend to have a short shelf life. Here are some trends that appear to be going out of style this season: Chelsea boots- the comfort boots of the autumnal weather have had their reign and have been replaced by a heeled knee-length boot as well as a moto boot which every girl in St Andrews will not consider leaving the house without. Another clothing item that will be gathering dust at the back of your wardrobe are oversized tees/button ups. I reckon they will be replaced with a button up that both hugs your body without being overbearingly tight, giving you the best of both worlds- looking cute and comfortable is what we are aiming for at the end of the day. 

These are my top picks and favourite clothing items for this autumnal season, and I cannot wait to be roaming the streets of St Andrews and seeing aspects of these trends in other people’s outfits. 

Lila Piotrowska

St. Andrews '26

Hey I'm Lila! I am currently a second-year student at St Andrews, studying Classical Studies and English. In my free time you can find me shopping, reading, pretending to be a rockstar at open mics and of course drinking lots of coffee :)