Are you a MATCH? 10 reasons to sign up with Marrow.

Marrow St Andrews is holding a clinic on MONDAY in the UNION from 3 – 6 pm. Signups take approximately 20 minutes, and you truly can help save someone’s life by participating.   

Here’s 10 excellent reasons why you should come:  

1.       You can save a life – that’s a truly AMAZING thing. You can DIRECTLY save somebody else’s life. How often can you actually say that?

2.       The free pens! Who doesn’t love some free goodies to last them the rest of the semester?

3.       Match4Lara has exploded over social media. Lara’s story has captured the attention of millions around the world as Lara is a Chinese-Thai-Italian student who was diagnosed with leukemia in December 2015. Due to her mixed heritage, a stem cell donor is incredibly hard to find, and only 3% of donors on the register are mixed race. So, you can help Lara and others like her by signing up. 

4.       Gain some street cred. This is a seriously cool thing to do. (I was going to say RAD but felt like I could NOT pull it off!)

5.       The procedure doesn’t hurt.* Find out more info here! 90% of the time the procedure is exactly the same as giving blood, and the other 10% of the time a bone marrow transplant is used.

6.       The other free goodies. Come along and get your hands on bottle openers, Frisbees, and lots of info about Anthony Nolan!

7.       The UK really needs more donors, particularly men and those of black, Asian, and ethnic minority descents. According to the Anthony Nolan register, ‘Currently, only 60% of transplant recipients receive the best possible match, and this drops dramatically to 20.5% if you're from a black, Asian, or ethnic minority background.’

8.       To discover more about the society and to find out different ways to get involved! You never know, you could be volunteering at the next clinic or heading the whole club next year!

9.       Develop some good Karma, because if we are all honest with ourselves, we could all use a little of it. 

10.   Give hope to those who are suffering from leukaemia and other blood diseases as well as their families.