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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Andrews chapter.

Alex Chapman


1st Year

South London

This week’s campus cutie is 1st year biology student Alex Chapman AKA Thor (the resemblance is uncanny). The interview was due to take place last week, however whilst in Copenhagen Alex became too inebriated to catch his flight back to the UK, so I had to wait to interview this truly charming guy. For the six months that I have been friends with Alex he has shown himself to be a friendly, outgoing, funny and caring guy, with possibly the most fabulous hair in St Andrews (a real lion’s mane); a true campus cutie.

First things first, why come to St Andrews? Originally from South London, Alex claims he chose to study at St Andrews because he didn’t want to go to Oxbridge and wanted to escape bustling London for a smaller town. Alex took a gap year before coming to university, and went traveling with friends, including his now current girlfriend. Experiencing new places and things is an important part of his life; outside of his studies, Alex is into his extreme sports with active involvement in the university’s mountaineering club and SAS. In fact he has just taken on the role of Social Secretary for the mountaineering club and has been nominated for the role of Holidays Representative for SAS. He can regularly be found at the climbing gym, showing off his muscles and generally looking like Thor from the Avengers. Alex also loves skiing, saying that this January’s SAS trip to Val Thorens was “such an amazing week”, though from what I know of him I’m sure that the après has a lot to do with it!  This summer Alex is planning a return visit to Fontainebleau, a famous bouldering area just south of Paris, as well as a trip to Spain with his friends, and spending some quality time with his long-distance girlfriend… “I’ll fit getting a job in there somewhere!” he jokes. 


Rapid fire round:

What would you do to impress a girl?

Probably cook for her… wouldn’t be anything to special just making an effort counts I think. Either that or something impulsive.

Favourite food?

My favourite food has to be steak, or maybe lobster. Steak and lobster.

Favourite place in St Andrews?

The pier at sunset, or west sands on a clear night followed by Aikman’s.

Little known fact about yourself?

I once had a pet duck.

Dream job?

Professional climber.

Biggest fear?

Not making the most of life.

Hannah is a 4th year student of English Literature and Art History at the University of St Andrews.