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5 Reasons Why Galentine’s Day is better than Valentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day, popularized by Parks and Recreation, is on February 13 and is arguably the better of the two holidays in this month. And if you’re not convinced, here are the top five reasons. 

1. Best friends will never leave you. 

Relationships come and go but our best friends are usually locked in – we have too many shared secrets for one of us to split from the group. 


2. Galentine’s Brunch is everything.

Pancakes, eggs, pastries, mimosas… yum! Brunch with gals is literally the best thing about having grown-up best friends and on Galentine’s, we can have as many heart-shaped pancakes with none of the shame. 


3. You never have to regret any of the presents you get. 

We all have that one trinket from an ex that we can never look at the same way again and suddenly, it’s useless. But with Galentine’s Day, the love is strong and real. No shameful cards, no cringe-worthy stuffed animals. No regrets. 

4. It’s better than an Anti-Valentine’s Party. 

While I applaud the idea and the effort, I could never shake the feeling that anti-Valenitne’s just seemed so bitterly single to me, sans the rom com edge to it. At Galentine’s, you can be unabashedly single and still have a great time – then just go about your business the next day, secure in all of your singlehood :) 


5. You feel loved. Like truly loved.

Valentine’s can be so awkward, especially if you’re still figuring out a new relationship. Do I get them a present? What should I get them? Should we even go out to dinner? How fancy is too fancy? Ugh. WIth your friends, it’s so much simpler and the emotions are much truer. You love your squad and the squad loves you back.  


Galentine’s Day will always be superior to Valentine’s Day. And whether you’re single this February 14 or not, be sure to tell all the Ann Perkins’ in your life just how much you appreciate and love them <3 



I am an American medical student at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. I have been an avid writer for several years, focusing mainly on creative writing. But I hope to be more involved in our university's culture, particularly by bringing interesting information to all of our students!
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