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5 Love Songs for Your Spring Playlist

Spring is almost here, just around the corner,  days filled with blooming flowers, warmer weather, the taste of almost-summer and yes, young love. Bubbly romantic songs just scream spring to me – it’s also so new and aches in that perfect, bittersweet way. 

And this means a fresh season-appropriate playlist – check out my top five picks for your new Spring playlist. 


1. “Fire and the Flood,” Vance Joy

This song is so upbeat and just screams “young love” to me – very springtime, indeed <3 

2.  “Tired of Talking,” LÉON

Another smooth, young lovey tune but with a dancier beat. I also suggest checking out the rest of her album, which is full of more beautiful music. 

3. “Sleepovoer,” Hayley Kiyoko 

I’m seriously in love with this song – sensual lyrics, sexy video and just a beautiful rhythym. It’s been on non-stop repeat since it came out. 

4. “Breathe,” Astrid S

This song is so unbelievably catchy! Truly pop at its finest. 

5. “Galway Girl,” Ed Sheeran

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include anything from Sheeran’s latest album, and this is probably my favorite song on it. It’s so upbeat and so ridiculously cute 


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