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As we head into the colder months, your wardrobe changes, and so do your shoes. Boots are necessary for winter–keeping you warm without sacrificing your style. Often, they can even be the focal point of your winter outfit. If you’re unsure of where to start in your search for your winter shoe rotation or maybe looking for some inspiration to add to your collection, look no further. I’ve rounded up five boot styles that can apply to anyone and that I believe are timeless and modern.

1. Classic, Go-To Ankle Boot

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First up is a classic ankle boot. These are perfect for winter and go with nearly everything. When sneakers are a bit too cold or not quite working with my outfit, I always reach for a classic Chelsea-style silhouette. They’re super casual and easy to wear every day, so I would say  these are a must-have. If you’re into it, you could also find an ankle boot a bit on the chunkier side or with a slight block heel to make your outfit a bit more elevated.

2. Knee-High

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Knee-high boots are another great staple. There’s so much variety you can find with these; everywhere, from heeled or not as well as tight to a more boxy, square look. I find boots with heels a bit uncomfortable and opt for a flat, rider-style boot as I find them to be a bit more versatile, but it’s up to you! I tend to wear these with skirts and dresses as they’ll keep you warm and stylish so you can continue to wear some of your more seasonal pieces. These will never go out of style; my pair were originally my mom’s!

3. Lace-up boots (or mid-height)

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I love a pair of lace-up ankle boots! A popular style is the ones by Doc Marten; I like to wear them with pants that are a bit cropped or shorter, so they keep me warm but still don’t mess up the shape of the outfit. They are a bit of a splurge, but mine have lasted me years! There are also great, less expensive alternatives out there, and I always see pre-worn Docs online or in consignment/charity shops. However, if you’re not really into the Doc Marten look, a mid-height boot is also a good option. These styles are casual enough for an everyday look and are super functional.

4. Something with a heel

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Something with a heel is perfect for the occasional night on the town. . These could come in any style and height–ankle, mid, or knee-high. You can also decide whether you want something with a chunkier heel or more of a stiletto heel. I am currently searching for a good pair, but you can find these in any price range, and I think they’re super chic and cool!

5. Something fun! (And/or more personal to you)

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Last up on the list is something fun! The rest of the list are classic and timeless options that you can rotate for every occasion, but I also want to include a statement boot. Some popular options for a more ‘fun’ boot are shearling boots, Western/cowboy styles, and moto or biker boots. You can spice things up with boots with a pop of colour; the options are endless!

I hope you have picked up something helpful on this list; either some classic boot styles or new finds! With Black Friday and the holiday season approaching, the boot market is in full bloom, perfect to treat yourself or even as gifts for someone special in your life. If you’re unsure of where to look, here are some great brands to check out: Flattered, Sam Edelman, Mango, and Vagabond

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