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The 4 Types of Valentine’s Days

The I-Don’t-Care-Just-Give-Me-Vodka

Like the Grinch at Christmas, this year you just don’t care about anything romance related and if you see one more fluffy pink teddy or smitten couple you will scream. Don’t worry, the bar is this way…

The O.M.G-It’s-Today??

Your SO has turned up at your door with a bouquet of red roses, hand-written poem and is looking at you expectantly. And a horrible realisation is dawning on you. The best option here is to claim that “nothing I could give you would be good enough for how amazing you are”… or run.


The Loved-Up

Everything is perfect, you and your boo are so happy, you spend the whole day feeling smitten and your life is like a Rachel McAdams romance. Your friends hate you.


Galentine’s Day

My personal favourite; forget the guys, your mates are better anyway and don’t care if you can’t be bothered changing out of your PJs. To quote Parks and Recreation, ovaries before brovaries. 

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