12 best things about being home for Christmas

As everyone knows (thanks in part to the proctors email), we are all aware that the Forth Road Bridge is closed. This will inevitably add hours to journeys – especially those getting flights back home. Long journey’s south/abroad already feel like a slog without the extra hours!

Being home for Christmas is the best. Warm fires, family, old friends. Here’s why:

1.       Exams are done. There is no point worrying over them. Just move on.

2.       The animals. If you are lucky enough to have pets, one of the best things about the slog home is being reunited with your ‘furry friends.’ I was particularly excited as it’s the first time that I get to meet the new addition to the family, Misty. (I have never seen any child doted on so heavily as this animal.) If you don’t – maybe you have siblings?

3.       The Food. Chocolate. Christmas dinner. The canapés.  Mince pies. There is so many great Christmas foods – Christmas really is an extravaganza of eating. My favourite activity.

4.       The drink. The Champagne. The port. The mulled wine. Will help you get through interrogations from family members about whether you have met your prince/got a job/surviving living and studying in a different country.

5.       Christmas decorations and getting into the Christmas spirit. Who doesn’t love getting out the decorations that you made in primary school, half bitten by the dog. The tangled lights and tinsel, hanging Christmas cards, blaring out Christmas songs. It’s the best!

6.       Seeing old friends. Catching up on stories and scandals of the term. Especially if accompanied by hot chocolate, ice skating and Christmas shopping.

7.       The warmth. Fire = life.

8.       Parents. Loath to admit it – but being away from these guys for god knows how many weeks – I actually began to miss them. They will be fun to be around for approximately a week.

9.       Escape from flatmates. If you are unlucky not to have the most amazing flatmates as I do (probs at least one will read this), then it might be nice to have a bit of a break. Leave all the petty tension of heating debates/taking the bins out/leaving the lights on, and enjoy being at home.

10.   No more work. Well, academic at least. Unless you have a dissertation. But anyways, one of the best things about being home for Christmas is not feeling guilty about staying in your pjs until 4pm, and refusing to move from the sofa. All the while, friends from English universities feel guilty whenever they have fun – with the impending doom of January exams.

11.   The chance to do all the random stuff that you don’t have time for. Maybe this is starting your own website, or finally starting to write/read that novel, apply for that job, or, more importantly, finally watch all the episodes of Scandal. Have fun and enjoy your time!

12.   Returning to your favourite places. Weather it’s returning to the festive and glittering streets of London, or your favourite country walks with the dogs, or even the mountains/nooks of homes – enjoy!