11 Unexpected Things To Do in Edinburgh on Your Girls’ Day Out (Part 2)

5 more suggestions if you're not sure what to do for a Girl's Night!

7. See a Play

The Fringe Festival doesn't start until August, but that doesn’t mean Edinburgh isn’t buzzing with good theatre in April. War Horse opens next week, and Wicked is onstage after May 8th. Encourage (read: force) your squad to learn the lyrics before you go so you can mouth along to the songs together.

8. Cocktail Class at Perilous Potions

Embrace your inner Harry Potter geek and check out this pop-up cocktail class inspired by the Wizarding World. You can learn to make everything from “Galcio Ardetium” to a “Confuddling Concoction.” Just make sure to book quickly — the class is only available until April 30th.

9. Visit Edinburgh’s Secret Garden

Sure, you’ve seen the Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat, but have you seen this gorgeous hidden garden? The garden is tucked beneath Arthur’s Seat and it features a loch, as well as beautiful flowers that have inspired artists since the twelfth century. Perfect for an afternoon stroll.

10. Try a Fun Exercise Class

Sick of sweating it out on the treadmill at the St Andrews gym? Yeah, me too. This weekend, switch things out by checking out a fun group exercise class. Trampolining, anyone? Or maybe aerial yoga?

11. Visit Dean Village

This fairytale village is only a ten-minute walk from Prince’s Street, but it feels like it’s a whole other world. Follow the cobblestone road down to an idyllic stream, where you can picnic or simply walk along the water.

Whether it’s rooftop drinks or a potions’ class, Edinburgh has a lot to offer you this spring. Call up your crew (or just message your inappropriately named group chat – you know what I’m talking about) and start planning for this weekend. Your girls’ weekend is long overdue.