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11 Unexpected Things To Do in Edinburgh on Your Girls’ Day Out (Part 1)

Saturdays are the perfect time to get out of St Andrews. Whether you’re trying to ghost last night’s hook-up at the Bop (#regrets) or you’re just really craving some brunch at Urban Angel, there are plenty of reasons to hop on a train down to Edinburgh on a Saturday morning. Life is all about spontaneous adventures, right? This weekend, grab your girls and see how many of these unexpected things to do in Edinburgh you can cross off of the list.

1. Cuddle With Cats

PSA: Edinburgh is home to Scotland’s first ever cat cafe. Yes, that’s right; your two favorite things in life – animals and coffee – can finally be enjoyed together. Make a reservation at Maison de Moggy for your squad today.

2. Try an Escape Room

Nothing bonds a group of girls faster than the panic of being trapped in a room without toilets, coffee, or lipstick. In all seriousness, this escape room – themed “Animal Hospital” – sounds like an outrageous amount of fun. Can you escape the haunted vet school before time runs out? Book now and find out.

3. Make-Up at Bobbi Brown

THIS IS NOT A DRILL: if you spend £30 at Bobbi Brown, you can get a free makeover. I repeat; this is not a drill. I recently tested this out for myself with a friend, and our makeovers even came with free glass of Prosecco. And more importantly, we looked bomb on our night out.

4. Rooftop Cocktails at Harvey Nichols

Let’s be real: at some point today, you and your girls are going to want some photos for your Instagram story. This gorgeous rooftop bar is hidden away at the top of Harvey Nichols just off of St Andrew Square. On sunny days, you can even see all the way to Fife.

5. Swim Outdoors

Okay, calm down — I’m not talking about swimming in the North Sea. That’s just a bad case of hypothermia waiting to happen. Instead, treat yourself to a massage at One Spa and take a dip in their rooftop pool while you’re there. At £82 for an hour-long massage, it’s definitely not cheap, but don’t worry — there are less pricey treatments available.

6. Have Afternoon Tea, But On a Vintage Bus

Sure, you could go to One Square or the Ivy for tea, but you know what’s more fun? Having afternoon tea served to you as you ride through Edinburgh on a cherry red vintage bus. Enjoy your cakes and scones as you zip by Holyroodhouse and Edinburgh castle.


Jody is a third-year English major with a weakness for nut butter and trashy reality television. Her talents include writing, food photography, singing the alphabet backwards, and laughing at her own jokes.
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