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Call it a hot take, but I think that ours is an ideal time to be alive if you’re lactose intolerant. It seems like they’ll milk anything these days, making me aware of plants I didn’t even know existed (seriously, how the heck are you supposed to “milk” hemp??). As a person who drinks some variation of coffee or tea every single day, I am often faced with the indecisive panic that comes with selecting a milk. There are way too many options (literally one for every day of the week), and believe you me, choice of milk can absolutely make or break a drink. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to create this mini-menu of Alt. Milks and their complimentary flavors: 

  1. Oat: Lavender

Oat milk is made out of ground-up oats and water which is thoroughly strained. Depending on the brand, it’s usually very creamy and comes with a strong, well, oat flavor. This wholesome, grainy taste pairs quite well with the floral undertones of lavender. On a sunny spring day, my go-to order is definitely an iced, oat-milk lavender latte. 

  1. Almond: Honey

Almond milk is made through a similar process to oat milk, but with almonds (surprise!). Its flavor is quite distinct and unique, offering nutty notes of—please forgive this—cardboard. I don’t say this in a negative way, it’s just the best bland descriptor I could think of. Anyway, something as simple as almond milk doesn’t need anything crazy to spruce up the beverage; try a honey latte with almond milk, hot or iced, next time you’re feeling…cardboard-y. 

  1. Coconut: Matcha

Coconut milk is just way too yummy to hide itself under any other flavors. No matter how hard you try, the coconut’s gonna find its way to your taste buds. So, the best route to take here is one that lets the milk be the star of the show! A matcha latte has a perfectly grassy-green, springtime flavor to pair with the tropical sweetness of the coconut. Enjoy!

  1. Soy: Nutty Syrups

Not really sure who’s still drinking this stuff, but on the slim chance I’ve got soymilk-stan readers, I did some research. To make soymilk, you have to soak soybeans in water overnight, then blend them up into milk. Because of its very specific and legume-y taste, the nutty syrups offered at Starbucks are the tastiest options for this milk. Try the new pistachio latte if you’re feeling adventurous!

  1. Hemp: Turmeric and/or Chai

Who knew you could make milk out of seeds?! Truly anything is possible if you just believe. Because it’s so wholesome, leafy, and organic-tasting, a tea latte is the best option for hemp milk. “Golden” flavors like turmeric or chai (or both) pair deliciously with this one—add a little honey and you’ll feel like you’re sipping the sunset. Your body will thank you for the nutritious treat, too!

  1. Rice: Cinnamon 

If you’ve ever had horchata, you might know where I’m going with this one. Rice milk is made through the same process as nut milks and oat milks, and it’s probably the least flavorful. The subtlety of it really lets the spicy taste of cinnamon come through. A latte with cinnamon steamed into the rice milk makes for a super refreshing, soul-warming, coffee with a kick. 

  1. Cow: Mochas and Cappuccinos

Call it another hot take, but I also think that cows’ milk is making a comeback—MOO-ve over tote bag girlies! With its lack of random “gums” and increasing organic nature, the one who started it all just might have her moment in the spotlight again. When I think of milk, I think of chocolate and the classics, so, next time you’re feeling brave, grab a mocha or a cappuccino, and don’t say a word when the barista waits for your milk specification. 

What an adventure this has been. It’s gonna take a while before I really settle down with just one special milk, but I am grateful to have so many options. Whether you’re being environmentally-conscious, watching out for your tummy, or expanding your flavor palette, I hope this menu has inspired you to put yourself out there in this big, beautiful mug of milk we are living in.

Hello! I am an alum of Seattle Pacific University, with a degree in Visual Arts and English Literature. I previously served as the Campus Correspondent as well as the Senior Editor at HC SPU chapter. I am originally from the Olympic Peninsula area of Washington. Some of my interests include outdoor recreation, collaging, reading, and writing.