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Fashion has always been one of my greatest passions. It has always been my favorite way to express my personality through my style. Fashion can be a way of self love to express one’s natural beauty and celebrate life. This form of self expression always helps me boost my self confidence. 

Every year, new trends arise to help us expand our creativity or branch out and try new things. With a new year, now is the perfect time to try out fantastic 2021 Spring and Summer trends!  I will be giving a review on my favorite trends of this year from clothes to shoes and even accessories! Before we start, let’s go over our vibrant colors this season!

I love the refreshing colors of this year. Such bold and bright colors are really uplifting to the mind. These shades bring a sense of excitement for what’s to come. These are colors I feel I would see walking down the beach. Watching the sunset, sharing a sherbet with a loved one and taking a break from the chaos of the world. 

Ratings Guide

To help everyone navigate through this guide, I made a key and descriptions down below! 

** A really cute trend. Takes a little work to adjust to outfits but when you make it work, it looks great. 

*** fantastic trend and easy to use in outfits.

Clothing Trends

*** Trench coats. Think classic trench coats but with a bit of flair, like leather trench coats or ones with bigger, louder sleeves. I love this staple because it frames the body super well. You can wear these coats with pretty much anything.

***Sporty. This trend is so incredibly versatile. This look mixes blazers with leggings and sports tops with dress pants. The sporty trend has been around for awhile however nowadays it’s not only for comfort but to integrate 2020 trends into everyday looks. It’s making athletic clothes fancy with small changes like dress coats, chunky jewelry, and cute trendy bags. 

**Cutouts. Whether it be a hole-y sweater or a dress with cutouts, this trend can bring a side of refinement and class to any outfit. If you try to cut your own clothing, be careful to make sure it looks intentional and not like an accidental rip. 

** Nothing But Net. In 2021, we’re ditching the ‘80s fishnet gloves and trying nets over dresses, skirts, or coats made of net. It’s all about the holes and cutouts this season. Some great ways to use this trend is to wear nets over slimming dresses and skirts. Many trendy net styles can be sophisticated by wearing coats or blazers with a net pattern, or dresses with nets sewn over a solid colored dress. 

**XL shirts. Comfort and breeziness is all in this season. You have to be very careful with this trend though just because it’s easy to get a little carried away. If your shirt is too big, it may just become a dress! Golden Rule: Always wear something slimming on the bottom with a large shirt.

**Loose pants. Although this look can be so comfortable, it can look a bit slouchy. However, if you play it right this outfit can look sleek. Pair loose pants with a tighter top by reversing the tight-loose rule in the oversized t-shirt section. 

***Polo Collars. I have always loved the way polo collars beautifully frame the neck. It’s the perfect shape to show off jewelry. This element is very versatile so it can be used as both athletic clothing and formal attire Shoe Trends

**Platforms. I always love shoes that make me look taller. I feel more dominating and powerful with taller shoes. Although, I will suggest  being careful before walking too long in these. These shoes don’t always have the best support so if you have weaker ankles (like me), maybe this isn’t the trend for you. 

**Gladiators. I have always wondered what it would be like living in ancient Rome or Greece. But, really only because of their fashion. I have always thought that the gladiator sandals looked so cool. My only problem with this trend is, how do you keep the laces up your leg? Tape? I feel like throughout the day the laces would slip down your leg. If you find the trick to wearing this trend, let me know!

***Strappy Sandals. I love the playfulness of this trend. It makes a simple sandal have a little more style. It’s easy to wear and style with, who wouldn’t look great in this style? 

***Delicate flats. A delicate touch to a shoe. Simple shoes such as flats are always important to have because a flat such as a nude colored flat or a black flat is easy to match with anything. If you have an outfit with lots of patterns and flash, a simple shoe such as a flat is perfect to tie the outfit together without going overboard.

Accessories Trends – Bags

***Straw Bags. Cottage-core vibes? Yes please! These bags aren’t just for picnics. They bring a very relaxing cottage vibe that can match pretty much any outfit from dresses to your XL shirts or XL pants.

***Woven/ Crochet bags. I love how lightweight these bags are plus you can make them yourself! There are so many different types and styles you can have without emptying your bank account. 

**Tiny Bags. A little “birdy” told me that these bags can be small enough to pass as a necklace. I kind of like this trend because I can carry my phone, ID, and maybe a debit card in a small bag that isn’t heavy and gets in the way. However, this trend may not stay afloat for long as pants and jacket pockets serve the same purpose. 

***Chain Bags. Adding a bit of sparkle is never a bad thing. In this case, even just simply switching a simple bag strap with a chain strap can elevate your look. Chains are very versatile so you can always find a chain that matches your style. 

Accessories Trends – Jewelry

***Chains. Last year’s chain trend is here to stay. Bigger, bolder chains complete pretty much any outfit. To spice this trend up a little, try using silver chains!

***The Long Necklace. I feel like in the past there hasn’t been a big trend for long necklaces. I’m happy to spice things up a little. Whether it’s a long chain necklace or a necklace with a charm at the end, adding a long necklace to a neutral outfit can really tie your look together. 

***Single Statement. Before you throw away your single earrings, have you heard of this new trend? Wearing a single statement earring or even mismatching earrings is all in the rage right now. It may be a new style for some of us but I suggest giving it a chance. You might be surprised on how this new trend can change up your look. 

***Pearls. One of nature’s many treasures and a favorite of Harry Styles, lustrous pearls are a natural beauty to be treasured and cherished. You can wear pearls on necklaces, bracelets, pins, hair accessories, and so many more possibilities. Pearls are just so beautiful all together. From saltwater pearls to freshwater, in any shade, pearls are a must in your jewelry box. It’s a classic. 

***Silver Streak. Last year it was all about the gold, so this year, silver is making a comeback. Even though silver is trending right now, remember that both silver and gold have their different qualities. Warm colors such as gold, brass or copper tend to look really good with warm undertones. Silver and rose gold look best with cool undertones. Never limit yourself to what’s trending. I always suggest that wearing what makes you look and most importantly feel your best should always be a lifelong trend. 


Fashion trends are really fun because it helps us try new things and expand our wardrobe every year! As much as I love new fashion trends, don’t forget to find your signature style and use what you feel shows who you are. Fashion is all about self expression! Have fun with it. Happy styling!


Hello everyone! My name is Handrae Henthorn. I am a freshman at Seattle Pacific University, double majoring in computer science and general engineering. Even though my studies are heavy in math and science, I always make time to express my creative side whether it's through my clothing or singing onstage whenever I get the chance!