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Twilight Filming Locations You Need to Explore in the PNW

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SPU chapter.

The Twilight movies are something else, my friends. No other franchise can simultaneously make me cringe, yet fill me with such deep and vivid nostalgia. We have to acknowledge that there are some problematic elements in these films, but the mystical and spooky atmosphere just pulls you in. 

When I was eight, I was team Jacob. I even had a giant poster of Taylor Lautner holding the first Twilight book in my room. It had giant bold red letters screaming “READ” on the bottom. Being the little sponge that I was – I took that advice to heart and likely experienced a direct pipeline from this poster to BookTok. 

Anyways, after rewatching and binging all the movies this past August, like half of gen z, I’m now team Edward. Also, team Carlisle a little bit and maybe team Bella too… It would be easier to go over the people who I’m not attracted to honestly. 

Regardless of which vampire or werewolf thirst trap you fall into, we SPU students are graced to live in the Pacific Northwest where these movies were set and filmed. Take advantage of this spooky season and drive around with some friends to explore all sorts of Twilight filming locations!

  1. Kalama High School  

548 China Garden Rd, Kalama, WA 

The first film incorporated several exterior scenes at “Forks High School” which was actually Kalama High School in Kalama, WA! This is where Edward famously pushes the car away from Bella and the spot of several moody montages. The GPS will take you to the front of the school which will look unfamiliar, as it was not included in the film. Once you get there, drive around the edge and you should find a side road leading to the legendary parking lot and old school building. So cool!

  1. Bridge of the Gods 

Cascade Locks, OR

Near the beginning of the first movie, Bella and her dad are depicted driving across a classic gloomy PNW bridge into Forks. If you want to experience this bridge for yourself head to the WA – OR border and you can cross the “Bridge of the Gods” over the Columbia river. 

  1. Bella Swan’s House 

Saint Helens, OR 

This one is exciting. Not only can you drive down to Saint Helens and see the house used for the Swan’s cozy abode, but you can stay there because it’s a freaking Airbnb! Bella’s room and other parts of the house even look exactly as they did in the movies. So head down to Saint Helens and immerse yourself in Bella and Charlie’s world! 

  1. Prom Dress Shops

Saint Helens, OR

While you are in Saint Helens, swing by the city center and you’ll see some of the shops that Bella and her classmates shopped in for Prom. Saint Helens’ picturesque town square has been used as a location for other movies too like Disney’s Halloweentown!

  1. The Cullen’s House 

3333 NW Quimby St. Portland, OR

If you’re ever near Portland, you should head over to the Cullen’s mansion! The movies make the edgy and modern house appear like it is in the middle of the woods, but it’s actually just on the edge of a wealthy suburban neighborhood. You can drive nearby and walk up the hill to take a peek, but be courteous of the home owners’ privacy. Even if you only look for a minute or two, the domineering and gorgeous house full of Twilight mementos will take your breath away. Plus, the neighborhood is filled with dozens of other striking homes to see as well. 

  1. It’s “La Push baby” Beach

Ecola State Park

This beach has made a name for itself amongst Twilight Fans through Eric’s popular line, “It’s La Push Baby, La Push!” In addition, this beach is where Jacob gives Bella the eerie warning about the “cold ones”. Interestingly, the La Push beach scenes were not filmed in La Push, WA, but instead at Cannon Beach, OR for the first film and Long Beach, B.C for the later films. This well-known scene with Jacob happens specifically at Indian Beach in Ecola State Park. Just like in the movie, it’s a great spot to watch surfers. The surrounding forest and rocky shores are also absolutely stunning. 

  1. The Vampire’s Forest 

Silver Falls State Park 

There are many spots around the Pacific Northwest that were used to depict the surrounding forests of Forks and one of these spots was Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. The classic chase scenes with the deer all occurred here. Go get some fresh air and imagine the glistening vampires sprinting through the forest.

So, basically hit up any state park and you’ll likely stumble into a Twilight filming location (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration but you get the jist). Washington and Oregon are filled with the most beautiful places to explore and some of them happen to be featured in Twilight

Look around online to find even more twilight filming locations, this list covers just a few of the many places around the PNW.

We are so lucky to have these places in our backyard! Grab some friends, turn on the movies’ emo soundtracks to set the mood (some of my favorite songs are Full Moon by The Black Ghosts and Roslyn by St. Vincent and Bon Iver) and go check them out! The perfect chilling and mystical adventure for spooky season.

Hello! I'm the Editor in Chief for Her Campus SPU. I am a senior at Seattle Pacific University, double majoring in Communication and Social Justice & Cultural Studies with a Concentration in Pre-Law, Human Rights, and Policy. I'm also pursuing a minor in Women's Studies! I am passionate about intersectional social activism and love dogs, books, and cookies.