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The Year of the Dragon: Power and Success

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When people think of the Lunar Year, I feel like they usually associate it with the small red envelopes with some cash in it from their grandparents. For me, this was true up until a few years ago! I never really considered the culture and meaning behind this start of the lunar calendar, but it really does have a lot of cool stories behind it. In 2024, the fifth of the 12-year chain of Chinese zodiac signs represents the dragon, Loong. The next time we will be seeing Loong will be in 2036! The dragon is actually the only fictitious animal out of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, and it symbolizes power, luck, and success. With these forms of luck on the horizon, you do not want to miss the background information about this year’s Chinese zodiac animal. 

Upon some more research about the Year of the Dragon, it is predicted for 2024 that there will be new opportunities and changes. This is actually hitting the spot for me personally, because I just got a new job last week after lots of job applications or interviews! It may be a goofy job, but I think there was some sort of luck in play there. As for new changes, I have also been making so many new friends and connections with strangers that seemingly may have passed me otherwise if I did not think about it twice. If you don’t believe in the Lunar Year predictions, it is not too late to pay attention to them! I think it is really valuable to have a strong mindset with these affirmations in the back of your mind. Certainly, you would not want to miss the opportunity for more luck this year and wait until 2036. Let these predictions bring all sorts of good luck and success to you, cheers to the Year of the Dragon!

Hi! My name is Brooklyn, and I’m a freshman at SPU and this is my first quarter on the Her Campus magazine :) I love everything about music, the outdoors, and traveling!