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College is spendy. I know that I am having a hard time trying to pay my Netflix bill, my college tuition, and have extra money to go out with friends. But, unlike me, some people on campus have already started to make money outside of on-campus jobs. Here are just a few that I would like to highlight: 

KM Bracelets:

Kelsey uses her artistic abilities to create masterpieces that you can carry with you! Through the making of bracelets, Kelsey earns a little bit of money while doing something that she loves. Her business started by her friends and family asking her to open up a shop. After that, Kelsey says that this is the “perfect way to do something I enjoy, while also sharing it with others”! You can find her shop through Instagram @kmoes_bracelets ! She posts about pieces that she’s made and also the pricing for the pieces. She also takes requests!

Yuwol Nails:

June takes her hobby to the next level by providing nail services to SPU students through her business Yuwol Nails (in Korean, Yuwol is the word for the month of June)! What started a year ago as just something for fun now has become a successful business with multiple services offered. This includes gel manicures, cuticle care, and polygel or acrylic gel sets. Prices vary depending on the length, amount of nail art, and charms added. To get started on you nail journey with June, contact her through her Instagram @yuwol_nails !


Jacquie started her business back during the COVID-19 Pandemic when she found it difficult to find a job and was baking constantly! After a friend suggested she sell her chocolate based treats, she decided to open Chocolatine_1551! Now, Jacquie offers chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, flan, and other sweet treats that harken back to her Latina heritage. To contact her and keep up with her shop, follow her on Instagram @chocolatine_1551 ! Within the next month, Jacquie hopes to rebrand and rename her shop to better fit with her products. So, follow her fast!

Hey Everyone! My name is Emma! I'm from Idaho Falls, Idaho! I'm in Seattle for school at Seattle Pacific University where I'm double-majoring in History and French! I love writing, especially when it has to do with history! Some fun facts about me are I can speak French and I had my 10th birthday in a Johann's Fabric store!