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Spring Break

Spring Break has changed a whole lot since we were little kids.  What you choose to do for Spring Break is completely up to you.   The arrival of Spring has been celebrated for years, the classic Spring Break craziness actually started with the Ancient Greeks and Romans who celebrated with their gods and lots of wine.


Nowadays Spring Break is associated with a many different things, both good and bad.


There are a few different ways that people choose to spend their Spring Break, and at SPU, students spent their Spring Break in a variety of ways.



The classic way that some of our fellow classmates spent Spring Break was relaxing, and most importantly sleeping.  If you have had a rough winter quarter the best way to recover is with lots of sleep and Netflix. 

The next way that people spent their Spring Break was working.  This is a great option if you have big plans Spring Quarter, and need to save a lot of money.  A whole week off means a 40 hour work week is very doable.

Another great way to spend Spring Break is the classic beach vacation full of bikinis, booze, and wild times.  Beach destinations may include places like Cabo, Cancun, Miami, or Vegas, if you were feeling especially ambitious (Las Vegas was voted the #1 trashiest Spring Break destination for 2016.)

Finally, a lot of people chose to spend their Spring Break with a nice mixture and combination of relaxing, working, and exploring.  A lot of students chose to work a few hours in the week, catch up on their TV shows, and even take some day trips or just explore nearby cities to their house.  This may include some shopping, hiking, and maybe even some skiing for the Washingtonians that are fortunate enough to live close to Snoqualmie Pass and Stevens Pass.  Some other Washingtonians drove down the coast to Oregon, and even California.

              However you chose to spend your Spring Break is completely up to you, if you wish you had done something different or had more fun, just remember summer is only 10 weeks away.  Happy Spring Quarter everyone!


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