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If you are anything like me and love getting out and going on new adventures, especially road trips, and are looking for the perfect little two or three-day Washington pacific northwest trip I got you covered! What better way to spend some quality time with people you love than going on a short road trip. Whether it’s with your family or friends, the Olympic Peninsula Loop road trip is just what you need! 

Here’s a quick guide I put together for anyone interested!

Day One:

  1. Start in Seattle

Seattle has so much to do and lots of great food options. I am a bit new to the city but if you only have a few hours, hit Pike Place Market and get some seafood chowder at Pike Place Chowder. Then grab a latte at Storyville Coffee Company right around the corner!

  1. Head to Tacoma 

If you are looking for a quick art stop, Tacoma has some amazing Chillhuly installations that are easy and accessible. Definitely worth the stop!

  1. Stop in Olympia 

Next, stop in Olympia for a coffee at Olympia Coffee Roasters! You can see how they make the beans and produce their top-notch coffee. There is a book store right next door called Last Word Books and if you are anything like me, a good road trip isn’t complete without a good book!

  1. End the day at the Olympic National Park Lake Quinault lodge 

This is the cutest lodge and would be so fun to stay in with your friends. This cozy lodge is nestled right on the shores of Lake Quinault and in the Olympic National Park. The lodge has the most beautiful lobby with a fireplace and tons of seating for you to curl up and read the book you just got at Last Word Books! When you get a bit hungry, the Salmon House down the way has amazing fresh salmon that you can bring back and enjoy in the room or the lobby while playing the games provided by the hotel. Here is the link for the Hotel 

Day Two:

  1. Drive around the rainforest

Do a breakfast run to the Internet Cafe in town to pick up some rolls, head back to the lodge, pack up and head out to the rainforest. There are some beautiful trails and waterfalls in the Lake Quinault area but make sure to bring some proper rain gear because it is quite muddy and almost always misting. 

  1. Drive to Beach Three

Yes, it’s really called Beach Three! There is a little convenience store on the way there so get a coffee and some lunch before going out to explore. Beach Three has the infamous tree of life and a few tide pools if you make it in time for low tide. 

  1. Ruby Beach

After Beach Three head over to Ruby Beach and look at the cool rock formations and all the natural beauty. There is a small river that you could swim in if the ocean is a bit intense that day. 

  1. Forks

If you are a Twilight fan you already know Forks. While it’s worth driving through, it’s not somewhere I would necessarily spend a lot of time. However, there are some cool Twilight shops and signs there if you are wanting to get the full experience!

  1. Lake Crescent 

End the day at an AirBnB or by camping on Lake Crescent. This lake is crystal clear and is in one of the most beautiful settings I have seen. Surrounded by mountains and clouds this lake has the perfect dark dreamy vibes of the PNW that we are all looking for. If you are looking to get dinner Port Angeles is not far and easy to get take out. Or just get some groceries and have an awesome meal at the lake!

Day Three

  1. Head into Port Angeles 

Port Angeles has some amazing coffee shops and good Thai food! You can go by the water and see Canada and maybe even a seal or whale if you are lucky. Then head up the mountain to see Hurricane Ridge. This has a view of most of the mountain peaks in the Olympic National Park and there are some great trails around the top. Definitely bring a coat because the temperature drops by about 20 degrees and it’s a bit windy and misty. 

  1. Drive down to Gig Harbor

The highway takes you along the coast out of Port Angeles and down the Puget Sound. Bremerton is a cute place to stop on the way if you want coffee or lunch. Then head to Gig Harbor, this is the cutest town and I fell in love with it when we drove through. There is so much character in the buildings and quaint shops all around for a souvenir. 

  1. End back in Seattle 

End the day back in Seattle, if there is something you want to do or feel like you missed out on I would give yourself a bit more time in Seattle I would recommend thrifting in Capitol Hill and then heading to dinner in the International District. Some of the best food in the city is in the ID and the closest to eating abroad you can get.  

I hope you all enjoy this little Road Trip idea. I just scratched the surface of all the things that you could see and do. If you have more time, spend one more night by Lake Crescent and explore the beaches and hikes in that area. The PNW is one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the privilege to live in, andI think all of you will appreciate the natural beauty our landscape has to offer.

Hi, my name is Emily! I am a first-year at Seattle Pacific University. I love the outdoors and photography. I am originally from Colorado and am a Marketing Major. I joined Her Campus to be a part of something greater than myself and write about things that inspire me.