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The Nudge – Seattle’s Personal Planner

Have you ever needed that last nudge by someone to go do something … or get out of bed? More than ever, Winter Seattle gloom makes it difficult to start the day and get out of the house, especially during the pandemic. However, you’re in luck as this new start-up, “The Nudge”, provides detailed Seattle-based plans for users via text.

Founded by John and Sarah Peterson, The Nudge pokes its subscribers with specific plans for Seattle natives. Whether it be a day trip with a hike and lunch included or a plan to hang with your housemates, The Nudge provides it all. And we’re in luck, the Nudge is only in four cities across the nation, so take advantage of that! 

Every couple of days The Nudge reaches out to its subscribers via text with detailed plans catered to your interests. Oftentimes, texts finish with questions to specify the type of activity you are interested in or a location you prefer. Subscribers don’t even need to factor in COVID-19 restrictions as The Nudge does it all for you. Team members keep up to date and plan covid-safe activities for Seattle natives. 

“Most tech companies are empowering us to be lazy: To binge TV rather than see a concert, post a comment rather than call, or scroll social media rather than talk to our roomie. The Nudge is here to change that. We make tools that help you watch more sunsets, try new workouts, and sip with friends. In other words, be your best self in your precious free time.”

And the best part is, Nudges come in all shapes and sizes. We all may not be interested in a snowy hike or an outdoor meal, so The Nudge also caters to in-home activities that spice up your dreary days. 

Late last year when the smoke dominated Seattle skies, The Nudge kept an eye on air quality ratings and provided a detailed plan for subscribers to take advantage of better quality air by grabbing food, taking it to a park, and enjoying the Seattle sunset. 

Signing up is easy and free by navigating to The Nudge’s website and entering your phone number. By doing so, you’ll activate a text chain and receive detailed plans for activities around Seattle. 

These are so fun and simple to participate in, especially if planning is your worst enemy or you don’t have a type A friend. 

The Nudge also partners with local business and gives you discounts if you show you’re a nudger. Late last year on Nov. 2nd, The Nudge partnered with local coffee shops and offered free beverages for Nudgers and “vote pins” at certain locations. 

Whether you’re new to the city or are tired of your same old plans, join The Nudge and add a little spice into your life. 



Tori McArthur is a Journalism and Sociology major at Seattle Pacific University. She loves to travel and lives by Indy Blue's mantra of "creating the life you want." You can probably find her at a thrift store in Seattle with a coffee in hand.
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