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Supplies Needed: Elastic, Fabric, Thread, Scissors, and Sewing Machine


Steps to DIY Headbands:

Step 1: Cut a 5 inch piece of elastic

Step 2: Then cut out a piece of fabric to cover the elastic. Make sure the width is twice as wide as the elastic plus an inch for seam allowance. Make sure you extend the elastic and cut the fabric as long as the elastic will extend (it is usually about double so 10in should be fine!)

Step 3: Then put the right sides together and cover that elastic piece.

Step 4: Cut a 16x8in piece of fabric (It may differ depending on head size and stretch of fabric. For more precise measurement try this: Head measurement – 5 inches = the length of fabric you should cut)

Step 5:  (OPTIONAL) On the 16×8 piece of fabric fold the edge over twice to cover the raw edge of the fabric; sew. If you don’t care about the raw edges don’t do this step!

Step 6: Hardest and last step I promise. Wrap the wide piece of the headband around the end of  the elastic piece and then top stitch over it. Repeat on the other side and voila handmade headband!

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