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Dear College Senior,

You’ve made it to senior year, baby! Look at you go!

It truly feels like yesterday we were little baby freshmen stepping foot on campus for the very first time. And since then, you’ve made tons of friends, some of whom you may now consider being lifelong friends. You passed the classes that you thought you’d fail. You took risks. You said “yes”. You’ve survived those long days. You’ve learned so much. And just look at how far you’ve come. Seriously!

Can you believe that in eight short months you’ll be graduating and starting a new chapter of your life? I know that can be extremely scary, but also how rewarding does that sound?

So, as cliche as it sounds, I encourage you to make the most of these next couple of months. Reach out to that person who is constantly commenting nice things on your Instagram posts and plan a coffee date. Attend those school events, as tedious as they may sometimes sound. Push yourself to make it to another sporting event. Spend your day off by driving downtown and doing all of the touristy things that you’ve been meaning to do since freshman year. Do it all. And don’t think it’s too late. You’ve only got a couple of months left before many of us move out of the city and start our nine to five jobs. 

And while it’s easy to be stressed out about your classes, the big exams you have coming up, and more importantly, what you’re going to do after graduation, I encourage you to try your best and not let those anxious feelings overwhelm you. Just take it day by day. You don’t have to have everything figured out yet. 

So, the moral of the story is to take advantage of these last couple of months as a college student! Look back on your time here and make the most of the time that you have left. Be cheesy and make a bucket list of all the things you want to do. Take a fun class like scuba diving or hiking. Stay up late with your friends. Go on that weekend getaway trip. Talk to that cute person in your class. Check off all of those boxes before time runs out. 

It’s time to finally start living the college life that everyone dreams about. Don’t have any regrets or wonder “what if I did this or that” when you leave. Let’s make the most of this last year!

Taylor is a senior at Seattle Pacific University, studying Communications and Digital Media. Her dreams of becoming the head of the social media department for a fashion magazine, have inspired her to write for her schools Her Campus chapter. In her spare time she loves videography, shopping, cheering, and she’s always down for an adventure. Find her on Instagram @taylorhiroyasu.
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