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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SPU chapter.

In the last couple days, the U.S. has reported the highest number of positive COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Many experts warned our nation of the potential second wave we would experience in Fall, in addition to the typical flu season. For Seattleites, this means that our typical Fall and Winter activities may be a little more limited than usual. However, there are still plenty of safe things to do for the next couple of months. Remember, don’t forget a mask before leaving the house. 


Outdoor Activities 

Although many think of Seattle Fall and Winter as cold and dreary months, there are a few sprinkles of sunny days. So, check the weather app on your phone and choose the sunniest day to partake in any of these activities. 

Green Lake Walking Trail: At only around 2.8 miles roundtrip, the Green Lake Walking trail is a great spot to get some steps in and soak in a little Vitamin D. To make it easy, park near the main shops on East Greenlake Drive, grab a coffee, and start the walk. Remember to bring a mask and a friend. This loop is the perfect distance to catch-up with another or to give yourself some alone time. 

Canal Trail: Another spot for a walk is right near campus behind Wallace Field. Bring a book, a friend, or a hammock, and set up a spot to watch the boats and falling leaves. When you need a break from finals, this is a perfect, closeby escape from textbooks and papers. Bring a mask, sit down, and enjoy some quiet moments and people watching.


Indoor Activties

With the looming rainy weather in Seattle, we may have to shift our activities to indoor spaces. However, there are a few places where we can still social distance and enjoy time outside the house. 

Seattle Art Museum: Located downtown, the SAM is welcoming back all patrons of the arts (or just regular museum goers) to come see their exhibits. To ensure social distancing is maintained, the SAM requests that people buy tickets online for a certain time frame. From now until January 18th, the SAM is showing City of Tomorrow Jinny Wright and The Art that Shaped a New Seattle – a collection of modern and contemporary pieces from American Artists. 

AMC Private Movie Showing: In the next few weeks, AMC theaters across the country are opening up for private showings of 20 people or less. Soon you’ll be able to gather a group of friends for a COVID safe movie experience. Like anywhere else, masks will be required and theaters suggest groups are with people in the same living situation and/or germ-sharing group. 


At Home

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your dorm, apartment, or house, there still are plenty of activities you can do at home!

Art Projects: This Christmas is different than normal, when thinking of what gifts to get your friends or family, remember you could make something yourself. Buy some paints and canvasses or even tote bags. Search Pinterest for some designs and get to work. These original presents will be cherished by any of your friends and are special since they are made by you. 

Cooking/Baking: Having more time at home gives you the chance to learn how to cook or bake something new. Turn on Disney’s Ratatouille and try to make actual ratatouille or try Gigi Hadid’s Vodka Pasta. 2020 is a time to slow down and try out new things you may have never had time for. 


Regardless of what activity you choose to partake in, remember that mask-wearing and socially distancing are feasible ways we can help limit the spread of COVID-19. It is vital to remember that each time you do something safe you could be saving someone’s life. Fall and Winter will be out of the ordinary, but we can still celebrate and enjoy these seasons safely. 



Tori McArthur is a Journalism and Sociology major at Seattle Pacific University. She loves to travel and lives by Indy Blue's mantra of "creating the life you want." You can probably find her at a thrift store in Seattle with a coffee in hand.