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Coldplay in Seattle: Did the Concert Live Up to the TikTok Videos We All Have Seen?

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This past Wednesday I attended the Coldplay concert at Lumen Field in Seattle. Ever since I got tickets, I felt like my TikTok feed was filled with people who went to their other concerts. My excitement for the concert grew every time one of those videos popped up. The bright colors and the light-up wristbands fueled my anticipation.

First off, the openers for the concert did not disappoint. We were able to enjoy two openers, one of whom was H.E.R., which was incredible.

Also before Coldplay’s set, there was a display of information regarding the music group’s sustainability goals like animal preservation, reforestation, ocean cleanup, and much more. We were informed that the ticket sales were used to fund these goals. It was great to know that buying a ticket helped various communities and contributed to funding projects. Another interesting aspect of the concert related to sustainability was the use of bicycles and dance floors to charge the lights and stage.

Then we get to the moment we all have been waiting for, when Chris Martin and the band come out on stage. A live video feed of the band walking out to the stage played on the big screens. The wristbands were on, and we were ready to sing along to all the songs we know and love.

They opened with “Higher Power,” a song from their newest album. During this song, we had our first experience with the LED wristbands. I have to say that the LED wristbands were pretty cool! The lights changed depending on the type of the song. For more upbeat songs the lights would be brighter, change faster, and were more intense contributing to the high energy of the crowd. During softer songs, the wristbands would display lighter colors which contributed to the peaceful and calm vibes during these moments. I believe that the wristbands really contributed to the experience.

The classic Coldplay songs that I had grown up with like “Clocks,” “The Scientist,” “Fix You,” “Viva La Vida,” “Paradise,” and of course, “Sky Full of Stars” were part of the setlist. The group also played songs from their newest album Music of the Spheres, which the tour was named after. Each song that was played was incredible to watch and sing along to. I have to say that the performance that stuck with me the most was “Sky Full of Stars.” The energy of Chris Martin and the audience members was unmatched. Everyone knew the words and were singing their hearts out. The wristbands were going wild with the colors, fireworks were going off, confetti was flying, and giant bouncy balls were floating around the crowd. This was truly a moment of a lifetime and a memory I will have forever.

Throughout the concert, Chris Martin regularly interacted with the audience. He joked around, encouraged everyone to stay off their phones during the show, and expressed his gratitude to all who attended multiple times. Chris Martin talked about the group’s sustainability goals and took time to send his support to parts of the world or people who are struggling. His interactions with the audience, vocal abilities, and little dance moves all made me understand why he is considered a world-class performer.

Overall, it was an incredible time getting to hear the songs I have grown up with performed live. The atmosphere of the concert and the overall experience were unbelievable. I have to say that seeing the concert live exceeded all my expectations based on the TikTok videos. If TikTok has not already convinced you then this is your sign to get those tickets and see Coldplay live!

Hello! I am a student at Seattle Pacific University majoring in Economics and Applied Math. I am originally from Olympia, Washington. I love to read, write, and hang out with my dogs.