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5 Sneakers Under $100 You Need to Add to Your Closet

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SPU chapter.

As a busy college gal constantly on the go I am always searching for affordable and practical staple pieces to add to my closet. I never cared much for shoes until this year when I discovered the power of a cool sneaker. It can level up any and every outfit. If I am wearing a sick pair of sneakers there is a 99% chance I am going to have a great day. The only issue with this new passion of mine? Sneakers can be so incredibly expensive. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered and listed some of my favorite sneakers that are under $100. Out of these five listed you’re bound to find your new go to pair of sneakers. 

  1. Club C 85 Model Vintage Women’s shoes ($75) 

These are hands down the most comfortable shoes. They take a couple days to break in, but once you do, they’re a dream. I wore them when I studied abroad for 3 weeks in Spain & Morocco and was not disappointed with the amount of comfort they gave me despite the hundreds of miles it felt like  I walked in them. That trip was over two years ago and they’re still kickin and managing to make their way into my weekly wardrobe. There’s something so special about a pair of sneakers that can hold so many memories. 

  1. Nike Court Vision Low ($65) – 

I just recently purchased these and I will most definitely be going back and purchasing them in every color. Being a college gal on a budget means I can’t afford to own every color of Jordan’s to provide me with the Hailey Bieber street style of my dreams, so I have to get creative and find looks for less. These are the type of shoes that can be dressed up or down. One day I’m wearing them with a matching sweat suit and the next I’m wearing them with my fancy leather pants, the opportunities are endless. 

  1. Converse Chuck 70 high tops ($85) – 

Anything vintage is a yes for me, especially when it’s Chuck Taylor’s. These shoes can serve many purposes. While obviously being incredibly stylish, they can also double as supportive shoes to workout in when weight training. I have found these Chucks to be 10x comfier than normal high top chucks, so trust me, spending the extra $25 is well worth it. Again, these are the type of shoes that are a dream once broken in. 

  1. Adidas Forum Low ($90) – 

Moment of silence for these beauties (specifically the blue ones). I personally do not own these but they have been on my wish list for a while now. They are simply just the coolest. While they are on the more pricey side they elevate any outfit to the next level. There is something so magical about throwing on sweats and still looking put together because you have a sick pair of shoes that make the outfit pop. 

  1. Vans old skool ($50) 

Not going to lie, I definitely only bought these shoes because I saw Kim Kardashian wear them. Anytime I see the Kardashians wearing something I can actually afford, you bet I’m immediately buying it. These are another pair of sneakers that have a vintage feel to them making them a timeless piece to add in your closet.

I hope this article leads you to your new favorite pair of shoes. Promise you’ll be the coolest kid on the block. 

Social Justice and Cultural Studies + Psychology Major who aspires to work at UNICEF