Redemption: Learning How To Let It Go

We all have been crossed , felt manipulated, or taken advantage of at some point in our lives by someone we cared about. Friend, Foe , lover, Roommates..someone in your life has did you wrong...But when do we let it go? Learning how to forgive is key to getting rid of unnecessary weight. So, Let's go through a checklist:


1. Take as much time as you need to evaluate the situation
  • After a blow out stepping away from the situation and gaining your space is the first thing you need to do. Cut contact from the person and anyone who keeps dragging the situation up.


2. Sort Out Your Feelings
  • In midst of a nuclear explosion your vision gets blurred. You don't want to hear anyone else’s opinion. you can care less about the other person. How you felt is something unchangeable but are your feelings being misplaced?.


3. See what led you to the blowout
  • After an argument we usually go back and think what we should have said instead and get re mad all over again. No one's timing is perfect but just think about different factors that led to this horrific moment.


4. Make sure your heart is in the right place
  • If you decide to come back Days, months, even years later. Make sure you are doing it for the right reason. Let the reason lie closer to maturing yourself than doing it because you share the same friend group. Don't be pressured into it, because let's be honest when it's genuine you won't feel regret or hate still lying low in your soul waiting to rumble at the drop of a dime if you are truly genuine


5. Go make peace with your enemy
  • When you walk by your subconscious should no longer trigger your mouth to twitch or your face to go stone cold in their presence.


If you are still hurting it's okay, you are not ready. When you are ready it's okay to be guarded! I actually recommend it. Putting a wall up should be a natural feeling even when you are at peace. Realistically, If everything is lined up and meant to be your mind and body should be at peace. But if you still feel bothered , leave. Your mental State trumps any friendship , lover , or Roommate situation.