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Her Campus Spelman x CFW Fashionista Profile: Jatou Drammeh

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Spelman chapter.

I was very honored to interview not just one, but TWO fashion trendsetters for college fashion week. Jatou Drammeh or “Jay” for short,  attends Spelman College and is a Psychology major and Education minor from Atlanta, Georgia. Read along and enjoy the mind of this beautiful and stylish young woman! 


How would you describe your style? 

Interesting, comfortable, not really one specific genre. 

Has anyone influenced your style?

Rihanna definitely. I am very different from my family. They always ask, “How do you even pick that?” or “Why don’t you want this?” My mom is still stuck in the sequins phase though so there’s that. I get a lot of my influence from magazines and YouTube. I take all my influence and pieces from there and make it one big collaborative effort. 

Do you consider your style unique? If so, when did you realize this? 

That’s a good question. I believe that it is “unique” in the sense that what I wear shows who I am, but I don’t know if it’s innovative per se. I wear my feelings in how I dress. I think I had that “coming to Jesus” moment my sophomore year in high school. 

Have you ever considered styling anyone else? 

I think I style my friends all the time considering that they are always taking stuff from my closet! I think I would enjoy styling someone! 

What is the process you go through of picking out an outfit?

I choose one piece first, and most of the time it’s pants. The outfit usually always falls together by basing the outfit off of that one item. 

Do you believe there is a correlation between individuality and fashion?

Yes, definitely. It’s the way I like to set myself apart from others. Actively putting together and outfit works all the creative processes. 

What is your favorite thing in your closet right now? 

I have this Champion bright red dress. The dress is kind of like a muscle tee, but it’s not a muscle tee. I got it for two dollars because I thrift EVERYTHING! I also have a green slip dress with gold embroidery that I love…also thrifted. Most of my wardrobe is thrifted. 

How has fashioned helped you?

Fashion has definitely made me more confident in what I wear. Because I am a little thicker than the rest, seeing things that I can wear in my own way made me comfortable. All in all, fashion has helped me become way more body positive. 

What are your career aspirations? 

This has nothing to do with fashion but, I want to work in school systems. I want to inform policies in school systems starting at elementary age to input more mental health tactics and teachings. I want to start teaching that young. 


Jatou continues to be such a bright light on campus and to everyone she encounters. She wanted to shout out the AUC Agency and LOOKS the Magazine, for highlighting fashion in outstanding ways on campus. Her fashion sense definitely continues inspires so many others to be confident in themselves and in what they wear! 


My name is Gabrielle Darko and I am currently a credit junior at the one and only Spelman College. I am majoring in International Studies/Economics and minoring in Spanish. I have a grand heart for other people and human rights so I plan to go into diplomacy as well as run my own international business. I would most definitely say that I was born a creative. Ever since I can remember, I was writing my own novels, composing my own music, and then making my own art with photography. I truly believe creativity is a natural unifying tool in society. Everybody whether realized or not has some sense of creativeness inside of them; the key is discovering what it is! You can follow my own creative stem @eliza___photography!
Kimani Leftridge is currently an Anthropology and Sociology major at Spelman College. Kimani loves writing and talking about politics, they have aspirations of becoming a college professor and continuing to work in the field of journalism. If they are not writing, they can be found organizing, involved in political discourse, reading or painting. In addition to being a writer, Kimani is also a visual artist who's pieces often have the same subject matter as their writings. You can follow them on Instagram @angstyblkartist.