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Dear Morehouse, Sign

Ignorance was rapidly afoot on Spelhouse twitter yesterday afternoon after a Morehouse student posted the following tweet:

Words cannot express the frustration that erupted among Spelman women, as well as some Morehouse men.

Besides the obvious grammar errors, the subject matter is highly offensive.  I recognize that abortion is a highly debated topic among pro-choice and pro-life believers however, what I do know, is that rape, in WHATEVER context, is wrong. 

As soon as the Spelmanite shots began firing at the Morehouse tweeter, his Morehouse brothers began to join the fight or ridicule their Spelman sisters stating, 

When it comes to unspeakable horrors of police brutality against our black men, black women are among the first to uplift as well as join the front lines of our fight to keep our black men alive.  Constant questions, from Spelmanites, ask will our black men stand for us [black women] in our trials and tribulations?  I wonder why we, as developing black scholars, continue to ignore the gender inequalities within our community.  We are expected to fight for our black men, that fact I will never disagree with, however, when it comes to rape among black women, there is always an issue.  Excuses are thrown around such as “He is free to express his opinion” or “Isn’t public opinion a right for everyone?”  This is not a matter of public opinion but of humanity.  

Spelmanites are not “fake feminist[s]” but a campus of young, black women who are concerned by their Morehouse brothers and even the Morehouse College administration’s response to rape between Spelhouse students across the street.

Yes, opinion is a right but ignorance is ignorance.  

Endia Hayes is a junior, Sociology and Anthropology major at the illustrious Spelman College. An aspiring college professor with hopes on earning her PH.D. in Sociology, Endia is a scholar activist and UNCF Mellon Mays Fellow who believes that through education anyone can change the world. If you see or know of an issue, take a stand because the world will continue to turn with or without your impact. She loves all types of music, however, she is convinced Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong are the best duo of all time. Les Miserables is the absolute BEST musical and no one can convince her otherwise.I am not longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept ~ Angela Davis
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