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Current Beauty Favorites: Homecoming 2019

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Spelman chapter.

It is officially Homecoming season here at Spelman College and across college campuses throughout the nation. In the spirit of it all, it is only right for us here at Her Campus Spelman to share some of our beauty must-haves with you all! 



1. Fenty Match Stick Trio 

The first on this list is a makeup product. For the past year or so Fenty Beauty has been dominating the makeup industry and in my opinion, this product is the perfect example as to why. The Trio comes with concealer, a highlighter, and a contour stick. It makes it the process of highlighting and contouring so much quicker, easier and beginner-friendly. This is one of the pricier items on the list, coming in at about $50. I think that buying all three is totally worth the price but you can also buy the three products individually for a cheaper price. 



2. “Gorilla Snot” Hair Gel

Next on my list is a definite must-have for people with curly and/or afro-textured hair. ‘Moco de Gorilla’ or ‘Gorilla Snot’ has been the only product successful in slicking back my coarse, thick hair. Not only does it get the job done the first time, it makes sure the style lasts for more than an hour even in the worst humidity. Most curly-haired folk are well aware of this product and it’s for a good reason too. This has become a favorite of mine just based on price and function alone. 



3. African Black Soap

This wouldn’t be a beauty favorites list without any skincare products! This item has been a favorite of mine since childhood, African Black Soap is a cheap, natural and versatile product. You can use it on your face, all over your body and even as shampoo!



4. Vibrating Beauty Blender

When I first heard of Conair’s vibrating beauty blender I was a bit skeptical, however, I found that it is a pretty convenient product to have! They took an old classic and amped it up a bit, it helps me spread and blend my makeup so much quicker! 



5. Roll-on Perfume  

This final product is not only a must-have for homecoming, but for life in general. A perfume that is strong, long-lasting and compact is all I’m ever looking for in a perfume. The specific brand I am using right now is from Coach, I use it every day without fail! 

I hope these reviews made you want to go out and add some new things to add to your beauty faves, or even inspire you to share your own beauty favorites for this homecoming season!


Kimani Leftridge is currently an Anthropology and Sociology major at Spelman College. Kimani loves writing and talking about politics, they have aspirations of becoming a college professor and continuing to work in the field of journalism. If they are not writing, they can be found organizing, involved in political discourse, reading or painting. In addition to being a writer, Kimani is also a visual artist who's pieces often have the same subject matter as their writings. You can follow them on Instagram @angstyblkartist.