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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Spelman chapter.

What is the first thing you think of when it comes to Africa? Is it poverty, or CNN, or UNICEF or city life, or oil? There are so many things that Africa has to offer, and many people know that. However, do many people know the truth about where Africa is today? Africa is in an economical as well as a societal transition that many are unaware of. It is important for people to know about this so that as a society there is no unclarity or ignorance being spoken on or about the continent. It is imperative for nations to be updated on what declines or inclines surrounding economies are in so that they can all come together to not only help each other but also sometimes benefit from each other. 


Africa is on a steep uprising. The economic status is gradually increasing. The minerals are becoming more valuable. The education quality is extending. There are so many different aspects about Africa that some do not even realize are big proponents in our modern progressive world. I have a very personal attachment to this topic because I am Ghanaian-American. My dad is from Ghana, West Africa, and my family and I have been visiting his home country every three years since I was one year old. I truly consider Ghana my second home. Being that I am so in touch with the continent and know my roots within it, I get asked a lot of questions about Africa. Unfortunately, the questions I get are out of ignorance. Most people as mentioned before, receive their core quality idea of Africa from what the media portrays it as. When I come back I am bombarded with questions like: “Did you stay in a hut? Did you encounter Ebola? Did you see a bunch of wild animals?” My first instinct is to laugh most of the time. However, I then realize that these are serious inquiries that people have. Are there places of poverty in Africa? Absolutely, there are also many places with the same problem right here in the U.S. as well. If they only knew the wealth that Africa truly possesses and the transition state that the continent is in today, I feel as though a lot of questions would be answered. I did a lot of individual research going beyond my already known facts about Africa’s wealth and I was thoroughly surprised and impressed.


Africa has been in a gradual transition of increase for the past few decades. The cause of Africa’s boost has a lot to do with their abundance of natural resources provided to them. In many places in Africa, what used to be war-torn areas and regions are now exceptional skylines. Sub-Saharan Africa specifically is doing extreme numbers when it comes to business and economic affairs. There are places all over the continent that are now being used and recognized by the World Bank. Africa is one of the most resourceful continents today. West Africa has an abundance of chocolate, ivory and gold with Ghana literally being termed, “The Gold Coast.” The Democratic Republic of Congo is superior in its wealth of Cobalt. Sub-Saharan Africa has especially made a name for the continent in its efforts as well. According to an article by CQ Press, Sub-Saharan Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew at an average rate of 5 percent from 2004 to 2014, which is faster than Latin America, the Caribbean AND the East Asia/Pacific Region. In addition to that, according to Emeraldinsight, Africa is now home to some of the fastest and vibrant global giants such as the Bidvest Group and Sonatrach, with an estimated sales in excess of $72 billion, due to the shift in their business strategies. The African economy has opened its eyes and ears to more foreign investments and trade. They have also grown their international marketing network; largely due to socio-economic and demographic characteristics. 

Not only has Africa been steadily embarrassing the notion that it is poor and incapable of change, it has succeeded in other limitations on what it can do as well. It is important to note that the strength of this continent is unmatched and every win you see now for Africa, is only the beginning. Africa is indeed in transition and they can only go up from here.


My name is Gabrielle Darko and I am currently a credit junior at the one and only Spelman College. I am majoring in International Studies/Economics and minoring in Spanish. I have a grand heart for other people and human rights so I plan to go into diplomacy as well as run my own international business. I would most definitely say that I was born a creative. Ever since I can remember, I was writing my own novels, composing my own music, and then making my own art with photography. I truly believe creativity is a natural unifying tool in society. Everybody whether realized or not has some sense of creativeness inside of them; the key is discovering what it is! You can follow my own creative stem @eliza___photography!