5 Quick & Easy Natural Hairstyles




  1. Twist Out

Twist outs are one of the most common natural hairstyles that black women do. However, some things to remember when doing this hairstyle are to leave your twists in for a week or so and make sure that they are dry in order to get the best results. Twist outs can last about 4-5 days depending on how small you make the twists and how well you maintain the style at night


  1. Bantu Knots


This hairstyle goes best with a big pair of hoop earrings and a beat face! Bantu knots give you a cute or edgy look depending on how you dress it up or down. You can leave them in for a decent amount of time as well and then when you take them out, they become an entirely new hairstyle!


  1. Wash and Go


A wash and go is a quick hairstyle to do when you’re running late and need to just hop out the shower and throw some product in your hair. A Denman brush or paddle brush are the best to use when trying to bring out your natural curls while it’s wet. 


  1. Slick Back Ponytail


This hairstyle requires a looooooot of gel and a lot of patience. It’s best to use a hard brush to sleek your hair down and prevent it from coming up. You can even add hair to your ponytail if you want a lengthier look or tendrils on the side to frame your face. Edges are key with the style, so make sure you lay them right!


  1. High Puff


The high puff was always my go-to hairstyle in high school when I would do my natural hair. You can use anything from a hair tie to a shoelace to achieve the high puff look. Water, conditioner, and any form of curling smoothie or cream will help bring out your natural curl pattern in your high puff and give you a sleek and moisturized look. As long as you’re okay with your head hurting temporarily to get this cute and easy look, the high puff is the style for you.