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Style News: Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends

This season is all about what you can find in your classic grandmother’s closet! Retro-mod with lace and tweed accents made their way down runways in New York last week, proclaiming the new-old trends for this fall. Your inner rebel will be completely satisfied with all of the up-to-date, chic, leather options available! Browse through these top five trends before heading to your local outlet! 

Leather: No, not grungy, 80’s hair metal leather. Making a come back since fall of 2011, leather is a trend that is sure to stay well into spring 2013. Choices like a Sparkle & Fade vegan, leather pleated skirt from Urban Outfitters or a pair of Kirna Zabete for Target faux leather pants is perfect for pairing with any blouse or sweater this fall! 

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Layering: Was it just me, or did anyone else notice collared shirts explode over summer break? Lucky us, our money didn’t go to waste! Throw an American Apparel sweater over a collared blouse with contrasting patterns for an effortlessly chic, groomed look. 

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Prints: I know this sounds a bit obvious, but let me give you the down low. Printed jeans – hugely popular this year! I don’t think there’s a brand out there that isn’t making striped, floral, or polka-dot patterned jeans this season. While we’re on the topic of floral prints – expect to see this trend stay through the cold season! Yay for our wallets, again! 

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Modern Baroque: Black and gold and Victorian prints, oh my! Hitting it big on Prada’s spring 2012 runway, it’s slowly trickling down to much more affordable brands! GoJane.com has gorgeous dress selections sure to turn heads at the next Southern Miss football game. 

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Equestrian: This look is all about riding boots, button ups, schoolboy blazers, and dainty horse prints. Expect to see people saddling up this semester with horse prints on cozy sweaters and quirky dresses. Of course, a classic look is never out of reach! A pair of Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren pin straight pants, paired with a plaid, tuxedo style blazer and riding boots will leave you looking polished and timeless for the winter months. 

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Katie Chamel via Polyvore

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