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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Southern Miss chapter.

This is the fabulously dressed Lauren Whitney Bounds. She was going out for a night of fun with the girls. This outfit is put together tastefully. You can see that she has some sass going on because of the heels that she chose to wear and the length of the dress and the drop in the back, but the highness of the neck in the front brings some class to this night-on-the-town look. You can see that she has not over-done it with too many accessories. The bold pop of color on her necklace really goes well with the crisp white of her shoes and her dress.

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate her hairstyle choice for this evening? The half-up and half-down is a good look for when you’re going out and you know you may get hot and start to glisten!! (Glisten = sweat, for those of you not from the South.) By choosing this style of hair, she is going to be cooler, and her hair will still look good even when she is glistening! Overall, I think this is a very good outfit for a girl’s night. Lauren is cute and ready to dance it up, but still has that nice classy look. This look is so Southern Belle approved!!