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How to make the “Last Year on Earth” the Best

With all the hype of 2012 being the last year on Earth, here is a month-by-month guide to making your last year your best year starting with this month!


Inform someone that you love them. Not your boyfriend or your mom, unless it’s questionable; someone that it’s hard to say those words to. Go say it. “I love you.” What have you got to lose? The awkwardness will dissipate in ten months, what with the whole Armageddon thing.


Surprise someone for no special occasion, and don’t tell them it was you who did it. Buy a box of Jody’s cookies for your roommate, and leave it at the door. Find your boyfriend’s favorite album on vinyl, and just leave it playing in his room when he gets in from class. Let them wonder.


Do something you’ve been terrified to do. Learn to water ski. Let a snake crawl up your shirtsleeve at the pet store. Don’t get killed, but get hurt if you like. It won’t matter in eight months anyway.



Go on a road trip. You don’t have to have a lot of money, especially if you chip in for gas with a bunch of friends. Pack sandwiches, sleep in sketchy hotels and go on adventures with people that make you smile. Doesn’t have to be the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls; go to Birmingham or Vicksburg. Take the Amtrak to Kansas City. It doesn’t matter! Take pictures, even though you’ll only get to cherish them for seven months.


Try on another personality for a few days. Go to a thrift store and pick out a costume. What would you be like if you were secretly a super-spy? An incredibly sexy, high-class casino gambler? A nerdy little college chick… with a superpower! You don’t have to tell anyone else why you’re dressed so strangely. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a secret identity


Make a list of all the important lies you’ve ever told. Go fess up. Don’t wait until November, when you won’t have to deal with the consequences. Go now, and woman up about it. You might just become a better person. Also, go ahead, and register for fall classes. One more semester of self-improvement won’t kill you… something else will.



Wonder momentarily if you should be stockpiling canned goods or something. Then shrug it off on your way to play canasta, badminton or something else strange and exciting with all the new friends your adventures have made you this year. Decide it doesn’t matter what happens in the future, you’re living your life to the fullest! That being said, make sure you ace those midterms. You don’t want to stop living life just because you flunked out of college, right?


Dress up as your hero for Halloween. Not someone trite like Superman, or even a well-known hero like Martin Luther King, Jr. Dress as someone you know, or did know. Let them know you’re dressing as them, and tell them why.


When your dorky, annoying family members go around the table at Thanksgiving saying what they’re thankful for, don’t say some silly thing that you’ve been saying since you were seven. Don’t do the minimum. Prepare something beforehand. Be honest. Tell someone at the table that you appreciate them, specifically. Pick a few people if you like! Actually make it matter. This may be the last time you see them.


Realize that you should do this every year from now on. If you live long enough, buy tickets for the opening night of “The Hobbit!” If you don’t live long enough to see the Hobbit, enjoy your last night on Earth sitting next to someone who matters to you. You’ve been practicing having adventures all year; this one will be Earth-shattering. Literally.

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