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How to Avoid Campus Parking Tickets

This may be news to the parking police at Southern Miss, but some college students don’t actually have $135 handy with which to purchase a parking permit. Shocking, I know. College kids usually have so much cash just lying around, after all.

If you’re one of the mere mortals who need to get to class on time without selling a kidney, there are a few ways to handle the situation. You heard none of them from me. Also, I do not condone anything illegal. I’m just suggesting… possibilities. That’s all.

Possibility #1:

Have an awesome car. If your car does not look like a college kid owns it, you have a much greater chance of intimidating the meter maids/men, and at least convincing them to let it go, “This one time.” After all, ticketing someone’s father on his visit wouldn’t go over well – especially if that father was someone really awesome. Don’t think this will work? Think about it. Would you give Chuck Norris a ticket? No, I didn’t think so.

   Batman can park wherever he wants. Deal with it.

Possibility #2:

Move your car between classes. After a semester or two at Southern Miss, it is possible to observe the consistent routine of the parking management staff. During certain days of the week, during certain times of the day, certain parking lots are checked. If you’re observant enough, you can avoid those spaces during those times. Even on ticket-happy days, a little creative repositioning will keep you fine-free. Of course, I have no data on the specifics of these things. Ahem.

Possibility #3:

Befriend a local business owner. If you happened to know someone who owned a business within walking distance of your class, it would be possible to borrow a space at their store for a few hours every day. I wouldn’t recommend just usurping such a space without asking, especially consistently. If you annoy someone enough, they will have your car towed. Do NOT annoy your parking-space benefactor. If you’re not on a university lot, campus parking management has nothing to say to you. As long as the shop owner doesn’t call Hattiesburg Police on you, you’re in the clear. Ask permission first. A ticket is far preferable to towing.

Finally, I give you the golden rule of parking with both kidneys intact: Never, I repeat NEVER, try to park on campus the day of a home football game. Walk to class. Yes, even if you live in Sumrall. Exercise is good for you. With a little luck and a lot of street smarts, you could conceivably save $135 a year on parking. Watch out, though. Tickets and legal repercussions are no laughing matter. Don’t do anything illegal, and if you get caught, do not blame me.

To view Southern Miss parking information and pricing, visit the Department of Parking Management.
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