Campus Cutie Zach Howell

This week's Campus Cutie at Southern Miss is Zach Howell.

Some basic need-to-know facts about Zach:


Major: History

Classification: Sophomore

Hometown: Hattiesburg

Her Campus: "Why did you choose to be a History major?"

Zach Howell: "I chose History because it always fascinated me that history is constantly being made and that I didn't know how the world had become the way it was. I knew nothing of how nation and cultures were formed, so I decided to learn as much as I could about how the current geopolitical and socioeconomic landscape was formed over hundreds of years. Also, history was one of my best subjects in high school."

HC: "What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?"

ZH: "My favorite thing to do in my free time is to listen to electronic dance music."

HC: "If you could choose any place in the world to travel, where would it be and why?"

ZH: "I would travel to London. From what I see and hear on the Internet, London has a vibrant underground electronic dance music scene that I would love to be apart of. Also, I would travel around the English countryside, since I would be in London."

HC: "Dream life?"

ZH: "My dream job would be to become a famous DJ/music producer. Working in studios and producing electronic dance music is what I dream of. Playing live shows across North America and Europe would be an ideal goal for my career."