Campus Celebrity: Bennett Forrest

Southern's Campus Celebrity of the week is Bennett Forrest. Forrest recently appeared in Southern's production of "Clybourne Park." He played two characters in the production: Jim, a pastor in the first act, and Tim, a lawyer in the second act.

"The play takes place over two time periods, 1959 and 2009," Forrest said. "The first act follows a family as they prepare to move from their home in suburban Chicago. The second act is set in 2009 and focuses on two couples, one buying and demolishing the same house from the first act, and a couple trying to uphold the history of the neighborhood." This was the last performance for Forrest, who is a senior BFA Performance major, at Southern. "[Southern Miss] has definitely prepared me," Forrest said. "It's pretty sad [that i'm leaving], but it's good to know that I was able to do great work."

Forrest is from Tupelo, MS and has been doing theater since high school. "It's just really freeing," he said. "It's nice to put your mind in another place for a bit; it helps you learn a lot about yourself and that's sort of the reason I am so attached to it."

Forrest has big plans after he leaves us here at Southern. "The current plan is to move to New York and just see what happens,"he said. We will always support big dreams here at Her Campus Southern Miss, and we wish Bennett Forrest the best of luck as he moves on from college life.