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Campus Celeb: Aris Taconi

This week’s campus celeb is Aris Taconi, president of Pi Beta Phi here at USM. It’s a huge responsibility but Aris has taken the chapter from strength to strength in the time she’s been in her current role. Her Campus took some time out of her hectic schedule to ask her just how she does it!

Name: Aris Taconi

Year: Junior

Age: 21

Hometown: Ocean Springs, MS

What made you want to be president of Pi Phi?

Last year, I served on our executive council as Vice President of Administration. I really enjoyed being on the exec team and working with the chapter in a leadership role. I saw potential in our chapter to continue to do great things and I wanted to help make that happen.

How do you deal with the increased workload alongside your studies?

My planner is my life. I keep everything written down including dates of tests and class assignments, sorority events, meetings, you name it. I start my day by looking at what I need to get done that day and make a mental schedule. I know in advance when deadlines are so I can plan ahead. Finding the balance between the two helps tremendously with keeping the stress level to a minimum.

What has been your favourite part of being president so far?

Nothing makes me happier than seeing our members get excited over our achievements. Whether that’s finding out that we received a national ranking for being a top fundraising chapter to winning a philanthropy event to cheering on our new members when they run home on bid day, there is nothing greater than seeing chapter members happy!

Any advice for future girls thinking of running for president of their sorority?

If you are running for chapter president it is probably because you have a passion and love for your chapter. One piece of advice that I can give for just about any leadership position is to always remember that you are a servant leader and everything you do is for your members. Servant leadership enhances the personal growth of individual members and improves the quality and success of the organization as a whole. Servant leadership also promotes teamwork and involves others in decision making. This goes a long way in getting everyone in your chapter on board and keeping chapter morale high.

What’s the plan after you graduate?

My plan right now is to apply for grad school, but I am definitely open to any opportunities that come my way!

Alice Calder is in her fourth year studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Exeter. She spent her third year studying abroad at the University of Southern Mississippi where she fell in love with all things Deep South. After interning in Washington DC for the summer Alice's love of politics grew and developed into her career ambition. Aside from politics she likes music, exploring the great outdoors, and enjoying food in every possible form. 
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