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Business of the Month: A Review of Click Boutique & Twelve Oaks Accessory Garden

 Jason Le Viere and Adam Evans are two of the most charming men I have ever met.  They are constantly advocating for a better downtown, they are incessantly supporting local, downtown businesses, and they happen to own two of the most inviting shops downtown Hattiesburg has to offer!

Click Boutique, open since January 2011, and Twelve Oaks Accessory Garden, open since October 2011, bring a unique sense of fashion to Hub City.  Making occasional trips to little boutiques in New York and spending hours picking out the perfect looks for each season, these men are dedicated to their customers and their businesses. They are really looking to keep the “everybody knows everybody” sort of feel while bringing the likes of a big city to downtown Hattiesburg.

In addition to running their successful businesses, they also produce a newsletter each week called Cityslicker. If you follow either of these men or keep up with the shops on Twitter, you will become very familiar with that word.  The Cityslicker is free of charge and comes to your e-mail inbox each Thursday. 

It tells you exactly what is going on downtown for the weekend.  It also keeps you updated with upcoming and ongoing events downtown.  Sometimes there are coupons to certain places downtown, too! They even give you the address and phone number of most businesses and restaurants downtown, in case you do not know where a certain place is located or if you wanted to make a reservation.
 As a frequent customer of both places, when I came in to do this interview, I was greeted with a hug and a dress that was picked out just for me to try on. After trying it on and getting opinions, I bought the dress and a fabulous pair of heels. Jason was so thrilled with my new look; he walked me next door to show Adam, who was also excited.  What’s the best part?  Everything was under $100.  There is no need for a sale, even though they have them from time to time, because everything is already so cheap!  Items similar to the ones they have in the store would be very pricey if it was in New Orleans or Jackson – but they somehow manage to keep everything fashionable and at a reasonable price.
“We are looking to be the Crescent City of downtown,” says Adam Evans, “when people think downtown, we want them to think of us.”  Jason adds, “We want to be in the middle of a booming downtown; we want everyone to be thriving.”  These guys are arguably two of the most respected men in Hattiesburg.  They are both so positive, energetic, and make you feel good about yourself.  If you have the chance to make it downtown, make it a point to stop by Click Boutique and Twelve Oaks Accessory Garden. You won’t regret it!

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