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Book Review: Paris In Love

Eloisa James’ memoir, titled Paris In Love, is a witty and entertaining book. I love it mainly for the fact that I am very jealous of her adventures in Paris. It seems like a beautiful city, and while reading her book, I could actually envision it in my mind. I felt like I was living it. If a book can make you do that, then you know it’s a good book.

The way this book is set up is fantastic. From the beginning, James says she used her Facebook updates during her stay in Paris as the material for which this book is written. It has to be interesting, right? Right.

She revised her status updates into short little essays for this book. It’s perfect. Each little anecdote is short and to the point. These short little paragraphs are what make the book work, in my opinion. They keep the reader interested and wanting to know more.

James’ writing style is humorous and fun. While reading her work, I felt as though I was actually in the museums James talked about and I was eating the food at the cafes she visited. I wish I were actually there, actually doing those things and discovering Paris. Someday.

I’ve never been one for memoirs or autobiographical books, but if it has the right amount of humor, and in this case, Parisian things in it, I’m sold. And this book has all of that. I love it! I’d totally recommend it to any girl who’s always dreamed of seeing the city of love. It’s a perfect substitute for now, until you actual go see Paris for yourself.

Who knows, you might even find yourself in Paris one day remembering passages from this book, or perhaps wondering why the streets seem so familiar. That’s how real James’ descriptions of the city feel.

I give the book five stars. Out of five, of course. It is perfect for a laid-back day of reading.

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Leah is a senior majoring in news-editorial journalism at the University of Southern Mississippi. She is a writer for Her Campus at Southern Miss, and is a member of the Her Campus Blogger Network. She blogs frequently at L.M.Lewis Writes. Follow her on Twitter: @LMLewisWrites
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