5 Productive Apps Every College Student Should Have

Let’s face it; procrastination is the bane of every college student’s existence. It is a difficult habit to kick. With these five apps geared toward organizing your academic life and making you more productive, you are one step closer to getting something done about procrastination. It may be a small step, but with these five apps, it is a very productive step.

1. Evernote

I have used this app ever since I started going to college. It holds all my notes from every single class I’ve ever taken. It is a lifesaver. Evernote has the ability to sync to all your devices: laptop, iPod, iPad, iPhone or Android phones. It comes in handy when you need to look over your notes before a test, or if you need to make a quick note of anything while you’re in class. It can also record while you type. It is a great multi-tasking tool!

2. Dropbox

This is another app that syncs to all your devices. When I’m not using Evernote for taking notes, I’m using Dropbox for all my major papers. Dropbox syncs your word documents, so you can easily open them from other devices that don’t normally have a word program. You can’t make any changes through Dropbox, but it is a good app to have if you need to look over important papers. It also helps that all of your most important files are saved in more than one place, so if anything happens to your tech gadgets (and let’s hope it never comes to this), you will still have everything saved online.

3. Skitch

Skitch is a great app to have on your laptop. With it, you can take screenshots and save them as a jpeg. It is very simple to use. The computer app is best. The phone app version of it is very limited and has fewer features. The computer version of Skitch syncs all your screenshots to your Evernote app, so you can easily see your recent screenshots when you open Evernote without having to open Skitch all the time.

4. Penultimate

This app also syncs to Evernote. It is really useful if you like to physically write your notes. I like to use it to study by writing down important notes for tests. If writing and re-writing is your preferred method of memorizing study material, you will love Penultimate. The design of this app is simple, yet easy: you can make separate notebooks, write things and easily erase any mistakes you make.

5. Dictionary

A dictionary is always good to have on hand while doing any kind of schoolwork, especially if you’re an English major or minor. There are plenty of free dictionary apps out there. Pick one and use it often!

Time management is important now that the semester has passed the halfway point. Be sure to get on track and bring your grades up! The right app will help you with that, and these will help get you started on being your most productive self.