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The 5 Best Hangouts in Hattiesburg

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Southern Miss chapter.

Hello again Collegiettes! Hope everyone had an amazing summer and hope you will have an even more amazing semester :)

Cheesy? Yes. Sincere? Also, yes.

The Hattiesburg campus of USM can be a pretty cool place to be. Unfortunately I seem to always run into people who haven’t discovered its secrets yet. If you are new to Hattiesburg, or have been living here for a bit but haven’t ventured off campus for more than the occasional movie, then here are some places for you!

1. Yellow Fiddle

The Yellow Fiddle (or, “The Fiddle” if you are too hip to say it all out,) is a bar that is on hwy 49, facing Wilbur Hall. If you aren’t 21 yet don’t worry–they have a hookah bar where you can chill out. The atmosphere is a black lit smoke den with the occasional DJ. If that doesn’t sound like your scene, feel free to hang out on the porch and meet some friends. Just please don’t try and buy alcohol if you are underage! These dudes are so intense about carding their drinking patrons. This is a cool area, you don’t want to get thrown out here :)

2. Endzone

The Endzone is on W 4th St, between McCarty Hall & The Handy Pantry. Sorry underage people, this is another bar. It’s super divey. It also has really great food. It also has all draft beers for only $2.50. This is my favorite spot in Hattiesburg, it is so cozy and so cheap.

3. Dragon House

Dragon House is on hwy 49 S, right near Shoney’s and within walking distance of USM. Okay so this is a great place just because last time I went, there were only 3 other people and the restaurant was blaring a rap mix from 2007. You go here to eat chinese food and go “Tiki-Bowling.” Tiki-Bowling is where you drink everclear and blue kool-aid mix out of a strange tiki-themed ceramic bowl with a little ceramic volcano in the center that they light on fire for you. Yeah, it’s alcohol related. Bring a ton of your friends and get weird. Have fun.

4. The Longleaf Trace

The Trace is beautiful and runs from the Century Park dorms all the way to Sumrall, Mississippi. If you bike, excellent, if you run, awesome, if you want a great night walk with some of your friends–I highly suggest this very accessible strip of nature.

5. T-Bones Records & Cafe

On Hardy St, right at the N 21st intersection. Okay, so this isn’t exactly the most comfortable walk if that is your only mode of transportation, but it’s totally worth it. Vinyl records, coffee, amazing soup, salad, and paninis, and an all around awesome atmosphere. This is the most chill spot of Hattiesburg. Go there. Become a regular. Be cool.

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