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War of the Booties

Queen Bey and Kimmy K have always suffered some sort of rivalry. Earlier on in the year Bey refused to be one of Kim’s bridesmaids and now she has totally dissed her by declining her invite to the wedding of Kimye.

Whether they can’t agree on whose butt is bigger and better, the tension is transparently visible. Bey obviously doesn’t approve of Kim as a suitable match for her hubby’s friend Kanye.

Kim (below), accused of sporting padding underwear, spurred on the #belfie trend with her risqué bottom snapshot.

Adding to the squat craze, many celebs began to copy her, such as Kelly Brook, Candice Swanepoel and Iggy Azalea. (All pictured below) 

Kim was left feeling embarrassed after Bey left her a voicemail explaining that she would not be given the privilege of having her at her special day. As Bey never answers Kim’s calls anyway, this was a bit of a shock to the system. Furthermore, Bey posted a picture of her new locks just as Kimye were tying the knot. Below, she is sporting her extra-long braids.

The star is obviously totally untouched by the couple’s wedding. She claimed that Kim’s family is too ‘controversial’, hence her keeping her distance at all times. 

In my eyes, Kim and Kanye are about as ‘controversial as each other. Watch here to see Kanye’s self-righteous look at himself. 

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