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Moschino or Mock-chino?

Jeremy Scott’s Moschino line causes controversy.

McDonald’s workers say that the clothes are distasteful as they are mocking their lives as minimum wage earners. The items range from mid-hundreds to over $1000 which is deemed ridiculous in relation to the money that the workers receive for a day in the fast-food restaurant. Is Scott purposely trying to offend those less-privileged with his high-fashion, or is he simply using the infamous logo to his advantage, making his brand even more well-established? Arguably cheap and tackly looking, does Scott pull off this look or is it a step too far? Could it be argued that he is, in fact, promoting the company rather than belittling it and its workers?

One worker claimed that ‘there is nothing fashionable about working at Mcdonald’s’. Fashion is often provocative, alongside several other industries. From twerking, to near-naked selfies it seems that celebrities are willing to do anything to get themselves in the spotlight. Do they understand when they are going too far? 

McDonald’s employees seem sceptical and ashamed of their place of work. Is Scott using the worldwide fast-food joint as an ironic message? 

President of Southampton's chapter. 19 year old first year studying BA English. 
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