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Campus Celebrity: Shannon Cross

This week’s Campus Celebrity is the founder of Southampton’s newest and chicest society- THE FASHION AND STYLE SOCIETY.

Name: Shannon Cross

Degree: Law

Year: 2nd

What’s it all about?                                                                                                                                         

The Fashion and Style Society is a society for anyone with an interest in what they wear! We’re not just about shopping and following the latest fashions, we’re also aiming to run business talks to give an insight into the fashion industry. We’ll be running trips to various fashion events. You can get involved by finding us on Facebook or e-mailing [email protected]. We encourage everyone to blog for us so feel free to send submissions to our e-mail account. Also keep your eyes peeled for the exciting opportunities for aspiring models, photographers, stylists and make-up artists for future shoots!

Why did you start the society?                                                                                                                             

I started it because it was the society I wanted to join, but it didn’t exist yet!

What exciting things do you have coming up?                                                                                            

We will be organising another photo shoot by the end of term, then next year we will be back with big events, such as trips to the Clothes Show Live, a fashion show and a Q&A panel with local shop owners.

Have you always had a penchant for fashion?
I’ve always loved to get dressed up, even if it was just for college. I think that when you go shopping and you wear clothes that really suit you and you love, you feel so much more confident and that’s what I love about style.

How would you sum up your current style?
I love the 90s vintage trend, and I adore my dungarees at the moment. I also love the current silk oriental prints! I’ve been eyeing up a play-suit in Zara but I’ve no idea where I’d wear it!

What is the ultimate fashion faux-pas?                                                                                                             

I would say socks and sandals, but platform sandals and lace edge socks are actually fashionable right now! I also hate it when girls tuck their t-shirts into their leggings. I cannot deal with that!

What is your favourite Southampton hotspot?
 It has to be West Quay all the way. There are lethal shop combinations in there, especially placing New Look and Zara next to each other. I always manage to buy an entire outfit between the two.


Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting things in the pipeline for The Fashion and Style society and we would also like to congratulate them on their recent SUSU affiliation!


By Olivia Bennett

A True Coco Goddess! HAHA
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