10 Signs You're in Exam Season

1) You know all the comfiest napping spots in the library, and could, from memory, write a review of the selection of drinks available in the vending machine.
2) You start to recognise the people that are also in the library on a daily basis: in your head, they've all got nicknames..
3) Your boyfriend isn't quite sure who you are anymore, it's been so long. Same with your housemates and, erm, everyone else..
4) You've drawn up a perfect revision timetable, with colour codes for subjects, perfectly square boxes and even gold stars as a special treat.
5) Your recently watched section on netflix contains, well, everything. Procrastination is key...
6) It's been so long since you had a shower, your hair is starting to self clean.
7) Words are failing to make sense anymore... Sentences are a completely different matter altogether. 
8) Everyone you know has been stalked on Facebook at least twice daily, even that weird guy that brings a pineapple to every seminar whose name you're not quite sure of...
9) You have highlighters in every shade of the rainbow and your notes consist more of perfect highlighted patterns and doodles in the corner rather than actual notes.
10) You fantasise about taking a nap, having a bath, hovering your bedroom, going for a run. Anything, basically, that isn't revision.
Good luck with your exams, readers! And don't worry, the end is in sight!
From everyone at HerCampus Southampton xx