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Why You Shouldn’t Want the Perfect Beach Body

As summer gets closer and you trade in your leggings for shorts, poolside tanning and sunny beaches become a quickly approaching reality. But we all know that with beaches comes beach bodies; and so begins the crazed calorie counting, strict dieting, and exhausting workouts in an effort to obtain the perfect beach body.

First of all, it’s completely understandable to want to shed those few pounds you gained (from stuffing yourself with pasta in the cold winter months). But lately, it seems that the transition to summer is more than a little self-improvement; it’s a complete body makeover. The pressure to look like the Kate Uptons and Kendall Jenners of the world (or any of the other super fit girls you find on the instagram explore page) can become an all-consuming task. Hey, if you’re up to the challenge, go for it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with setting a goal and accomplishing it. If it’s healthy and it makes you happy, that’s the only approval you need to kick your butt into whatever shape you want it to be.

But what makes us feel so obligated to our beach bodies that we feel we need to to shame one another for not always upholding that strict model of beauty? We can’t blame anyone but ourselves. We’re the ones who judge each other based on looks. True, a good amount of judgment comes from the testosterone-producing gender, but think of how many times you’ve looked at another girl and compared yourself to her. That’s the worst part about it, we are the ones who shame each other; we contribute to the problem that causes our own stress! Humans feel the need to gain approval from others. When you look at yourself in the mirror and frown, it’s the result of you comparing yourself to others. It’s also not your fault! We’re taught that beauty means a tight tummy, big boobs, slender thighs, and a perky butt. We’ve been trained to believe that beauty only comes when you are one of the identical glamazoid robots.

Well, it’s time to change that mode of thinking. When you’re at VS trying on bathing suits, or catching rays by the pool, don’t shame yourself! If you’re not happy with your body—and let’s be realistic, a lot of us aren’t (and that’s OK)—then find a lifestyle that allows you to become your best self. Just remember that reaching that point takes time, and feeling guilty because of the burrito you ate yesterday won’t help you accomplish your goal. Confidence in yourself leads to confidence in your appearance, and honestly you might never look like Kim K, but who cares? All you have to be is your happiest self, and the only person who determines what that translates to is you.

So with that, forget trying to attain the perfect figure and instead go beachin’ in your OWN killer bod!

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Reilly Tuccinard

South Carolina

Reilly Tuccinard is a University of South Carolina graduate with a love of writing, reading and learning. After spending two years as the Beauty Editor for Her Campus Media and the Editor-in-Chief of HC South Carolina, she is focusing on a career in creative strategy. Friends will tell you she's a a self-proclaimed Grey's Anatomy addict, she can't just watch a movie once and she is a firm believer in anything and everything chocolate. 
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