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Ever since I was little I have always wanted tattoos. Something about them just made me mesmerized — I knew I wanted artwork on my body. The best gift anyone could get me is a tattoo package, or their own personal drawing of a tattoo that I should get.


All of my tattoos have a meaning to them. Some of them even have multiple meanings, such as my daisy and rose tattoos. My favorite flower is a rose and my mom’s favorite is a daisy. It’s a tattoo for my mom that shows our mother-daughter bond. It is also for my favorite quote from my favorite book, “The Great Gatsby.” The character Daisy Buchanan says, “You remind me of a rose, an absolute rose,” and it has been my favorite quote for years now.

Having artwork that means something to me makes me feel beautiful. It makes me want to show off the tattoos and it gives me a story to tell. The meaning behind them makes the beautiful artwork so much more special to me.


I have lots of floral tattoos, something that I believe is the prettiest thing on the earth. We are constantly surrounded by nature and flowers — why would I not get it tattooed on my body? I have a sunflower vine on my right arm for my grandmother. She is my sunshine and I am hers — a bond we’ve always shared together. On the other arm I have a simple vine, something to remind me of simplicity and to keep myself grounded with nature. Having these displayed at all times makes me want to wear short sleeves or even sleeveless tops, something that I’m not super fond of. I get so many compliments on my floral wrap tattoos and it always makes me feel beautiful.


Tattoos are forever. I know this. I love when people ask me, “You know that’s on you for forever, right?” Of course I know this, I did indeed sign and pay for it. Something about being able to get someone else’s work on my body forever to display makes me very happy. I am very fond of my tattoo artist and believe that he has done some awesome work, therefore it makes me excited to be able to share it with the world for the rest of my time.

If you’re wanting to get a tattoo or thinking about it, I say do it. I was told by many that I would regret it later or that I needed to be 100% sure and have a meaning behind all of mine. While I was 100% sure, and all of my tattoos have special meanings, it’s my body and I am able to do what I want with it. Of course, this goes for anyone who is legally able to do so. Don’t ever let anyone gatekeep a tattoo from you, tell you what to get or not to get, or make you feel guilty for getting one. Your body is a canvas and it’s yours to decide what you do with it!

Sophia Martin

South Carolina '23

She is a senior Pre-Law and Advertising student and manages social media for a local Columbia brewery. She loves hanging out with her friends, walks with her dog Ryder, and is your go-to person for all things Zodiac!