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Why the Bachelor/Bachelorette Shows Are Insanity

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

Through my years of interacting with other females, I have encountered many avid Bachelor/Bachelorette viewers.  I have also met many girls, like myself, who have never watched a single episode and know very little about the show, aside from the major events that take over social media. Like the chick with the big mouth pictured above.

If you know a little about pop culture you are probably aware that the Bachelor season finale (the 20th season) was this week. It seemed girls everywhere were  talking about whom they thought would win. This season I decided to listen a little more than I have before and was shocked by many of the Bachelor/Bachelorette facts that I was told.

First: Out of all of the Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons combined (33 total) only SEVEN of the couples are still together.  That’s roughly a 21 percent success rate. With this knowledge, how does this show still have fans that genuinely believe these couples will beat the odds and be together forever?

Second: The groups start out with around 25 “potential love interests” for the main bachelor/bachelorette to choose from, and the filming of the show spans about ten weeks.  This means that the bachelor/bachelorette has a pretty short amount of time to even get to know each candidate, let alone pick the person they are supposed to spend the rest of their life with!

Third: The show ends in a proposal. Now, I don’t know if this is something everyone was aware of but this fact blew me away.  The inaugural season of the Bachelor ended with the couple entering a monogamous relationship (maybe we can all learn something here) rather than an extravagant wedding proposal finale, like it does now.  Honestly, the show would be more acceptable if it ended with the new couple starting a monogamous relationship and then seeing how things go.  The fact that the show ends with a proposal is just asking for a failed engagement. The ring only happens to gain higher ratings, not to demonstrate an act of true love.

Overall, both of these shows are probably going to continue to be loved by girls (and maybe a few guys) all over America.  Now fans…your love and support of the couple is probably not enough to raise their survival rate after being put against all these horrible odds.  However, if you watch the show for pure enjoyment and do not actually believe in the relationships, then by all means, keep doing you.\



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