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What It’s Like to Date Someone from a Rival School

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what it’s like to date someone that goes to your rival school, this should help you figure it out.

1. Half of your conversations are verbal fights about which football team is better. 

Or in USC’s case, finding ways to defend your football team to no end because you’re a devoted fan.

2. Having to see them wear their school’s horrible colors. 

Sorry, but orange and purple still don’t go together.

3. Bragging when your team wins in anything.

Even if that anything is having the #1 International Business School in the country.

4. In turn, having to listen to them brag when they win something.

Like the National Championship…yeah, yeah, big deal.

5. Wanting to barf when you go to visit them.

Seeing all of that orange is detrimental to your health.

6. When they visit, you try to prove your school is better.

Have you seen our campus?

7. Always wondering why they chose their school instead of yours.

Seriously, have you seen our campus?

8. Somehow still wanting to date them.

The heart wants what it wants.

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