Valentine’s Day Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank

Heartfelt + cheap? Yes please. 

  1. 1. A Jar of Love Notes 

    This is so easy and costs next to nothing, especially if you already have a jar! It’s so simple, yet thoughtful. So, whenever your S.O. needs a reminder of why you love them so much, they can take a note from the jar and instantly remember why you two make the perfect couple!

  2. 2. “Open When...” Letters 

    This gift comes from the heart, and your S.O. will find it to be priceless! Best part is, it's super cheap! There’s so many topics you could cover in these letters and whenever your S.O. reads one, their day will become instantly better!

  3. 3. Candle-Lit Dinner or Indoor Picnic 

    Nothing says you love someone like a home-cooked meal. Make it even more special by setting the dining room table with candles and fancy napkins. If you prefer to do something a little more atypical, set up a blanket on the floor, and make it into an indoor picnic!

  4. 4. A Personal Playlist 

    When you find it difficult to tell your S.O. how much you love them, show them how you feel. The perfect way to do that is through music! No, you don’t have to sing them a song you wrote (but you could!). Pick out some songs that you know they love, add in some of your favorites, and some you’ll think they will like!

  5. 5. No-Tech Day

    Many couples feel that their S.O. spends too much time on their phone and never has their full attention on them. A great way to show your S.O. that this couldn’t be more false would be a no-tech day! No cell phones, computers, or tv! Just you and your bae enjoying the best company.

No matter what you decide to do, don't feel like you have to spend a fortune to get a V-Day gift that they'll love.