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Usher is Performing at the Super Bowl, What Can We Expect!

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Usher recently posted that he will be performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show! A teaser for his future performance was posted. Here’s what we can expect from it:

Usher is a musician who focuses on R&B and pop styles. Usher got his start from competing in Star Search. He was signed to a label, at 15 years old, and has been performing ever since. He has eight albums out and his ninth album will be coming out on Super Bowl Sunday when he headlines in Las Vegas. Usher has been a musical sensation for 30 years. Confessions is his most notable album in 2004 with more than a million copies sold. This album features songs like “Yeah!”

In the teaser, Kim Kardashian explains that this performance has to be different from his previous shows in Las Vegas. Throughout the whole video, Usher was in the sound booth working on a new song! This song is probably one of the songs that we can expect to hear in his halftime show. The teaser doesn’t give a whole lot of information, but based off of Usher’s music and style, I believe that he will have a galactic swag type of vibe for the halftime show.

I believe that we can expect songs like “Yeah!”, “OMG”, and “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love”, as well as his new song, “Coming Home”. Based on previous performances, I believe that we can expect darker lighting with a more futuristic setting. We can definitely expect hip hop dancing with his performance that will takes us back to the early 2000’s.

Many celebrities performing at the Super Bowl have shocked the stage with insane lighting effects and costume changes. Usher performed at the Super Bowl alongside the Black-Eyed Peas in 2011 wearing all white. I believe that Usher will go for a different approach with his outfit this time. I want to see an all-black moment! I also wonder if he’ll be bringing another artist to perform with him. My guesses are Ludacris or Alicia Keys, who would be amazing to see at the Superbowl!

These are my predictions for the upcoming 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show, but without a doubt, Usher’s performance is going to be one for the books.

Julia Avitabile

South Carolina '26

Julia Avitabile is the vice president of Her Campus at South Carolina chapter. She is also a writer for Her Campus at South Carolina. She organizes meetings and partnerships for Her Campus at South Carolina. She also writes articles for Her Campus at South Carolina regularly. Julia is currently a sophomore at the University of South Carolina majoring in Elementary Education. In her free time, Julia likes to read, watch movies, and hang out with friends and family. She loves playing card games and supporting her siblings in all of their accomplishments.